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Get GDPR Compliant With Booksy

Get GDPR Compliant With Booksy

About Booksy, All,

How can you comply with GDPR when you don’t know what it is, how or when it’s coming?

What even is that acronym that Brits keep talking about at the moment- RGDP, DPGR, yeah that GDPR thingy? It’s not a GHD knock off or a short way of saying Good Deals Produce Revenue (although you could use that as an acronym for Booksy ?), it actually stands for General Data Protection Regulation and replaces the current Data Protection Act 1998.

You won’t be able to address your client by their name without their consent!


OK, well maybe it’s not that extreme but it’s pretty serious if you fudge it up (and we don’t mean in the hair product kind of way). You could be fined a hefty €20 million or 4% of your revenue, plus compensation for damages suffered and your reputation losses if you fail to comply and ignorance will not be excused, irrelevant of how little or large your business is.

Knowing the penalties- suppose someone ran off with your paper diary? What if you lost a treatment card? Imagine the headache if a customer asked to have their details removed! How could you go back through your diary and redact their details from every appointment they’ve had? What if a member of staff left with a list of client’s details on their phone? What data should you be securing? What even is data?

facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.

You know lots of facts about your clients, that’s what makes you so good at what you do- you could probably give Erin Brockovich a run for her money! You know that Bob is about 6”5 as he has to duck under the door when he walks in, Rover is allergic to peach shampoo, Janine’s goals are to lose 3 dress sizes instead of her undies in crevices, Chardonnay’s just broken up with her boyfriend again but what is GDPR referring to exactly? The kind of data that it includes can be; name, contact details, photos, medical details, IP address- any details that someone is identifiable by and that is sensitive information (that they might not want the world to know). You probably don’t have Bob’s height written down and haven’t bothered to note Chardonnay’s heartbreak as she’ll be back with her ex next week but certainly Rover’s allergies and Janine’s goals are private and confidential so need to be kept under lock and key.

OMG- what are you going to do about Roxy the client’s dog that you follow on Instagram and Alan that’s befriended you on Facebook? How can you protect that info? GDPR is about ensuring that a person is in control of their data and with that, they must consent to their details being used, how they’re used, they also have the right to access their data, know whom you share it with, how you use it and to have you remove it from your database at any time should they so please. The information you hold must also be minimal (no more asking for their mother’s maiden name), remain up to date and you must be transparent with how you handle it. Don’t overthink it though, It doesn’t mean that you need that you need to create codes or nicknames for all your clients but rather be sensible about how, when you’re using their information and whom you share it with.

This sounds like a lot of work- however could you tackle such a mammoth task when GDPR came into full effect on May 25th? Your hair may have stood on end but don’t get your torso in a twist, you still have time to straighten things out and to get your scribbles in order and secured. Many sites suggest that you transfer your information into a digital format but that can be daunting in itself- it can be such a massive time-consuming task.

Time? What does this word mean? You’re a business owner and don’t have time for lunch, let alone time to answer the phone, like most in your industry, you’re probably arranging appointments in your “own time” so time to organise data- c’mon Gov, you must be having a giraffe?

Luckily for you, we’re here to help!

We can help you comply with GDPR and migrate from any existing system you have in place that doesn’t quite fit ‘the bill’.

  • Our Apps are compliant as customers have to agree to the terms of use during registration and we offer forms to help you with those that haven’t downloaded it yet
  • If you load all of your customers’ details onto an excel spreadsheet, we can export them over for you-  the only work you have to do on the app is to fill in your current diary
  • We use a cloud based server which means that your information is as secure as your password- might be time to change that too ?
  • You can choose the levels of access your staff have regarding clients
  • We alert you if staff have browsed clients beyond a reasonable amount
  • Clients can choose and change their marketing preferences in the app with a simple swipe
  • All of your client’s notes, services, sales and receipts are stored in one place- easy and transparent access for them

Booksy also provides you with:

  • An interactive diary available 24/7- so you can view it anytime from anywhere.
  • Free app for clients to book through 24/7
  • Re-booking- you/clients can rebook their usual services so all that’s needed is to add the next date.
  • Client notes- You can add these and photos to their profile to know tips for the next time such as Chardonnay’s love life, Rover’s sensitivities or Janine’s progress
  • Marketing tools:
    • free materials
    • free emails
    • free push notifications to the app
    • cheap text bundles
    • free templates
    • free social media campaigns
  • Business management tools such as:
    • Free reports and statistics- monitor your sales, clients that are slipping away, staff commissions etc.
    • Cash register system
    • Pay by app
    • Cancellation charges
  • 24/7 help from real human beings
  • Most importantly, we don’t charge set up or cancellation fees and you’re not contracted so if you decided that you weren’t gelling with us, you’re free to leave.

We offer so much more than you may have time to read but if you do find you have a gap between clients then you can read how else we can benefit your service and grow your revenue here.

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