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Invite a friend to Booksy and get rewarded!


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Invite a friend to Booksy and get $25 reward!

As a valued user of Booksy Biz, you know all the benefits of our booking, business management and lead generation system. If you enlighten your business friends to the ways of increased revenue, reduced stress (and what a lunch break feels like!), and having great post COVID-19 features, then we'll reward you for it!

Invite a friend to Booksy

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To find your referral link and code, go to the Booksy Biz app > More > Invite and get $15.

Share your unique link and code with a friend by sending him a predefined message. The referred business has to then use these when signing up to Booksy.

If a business that you invited purchases a subscription at Booksy, we'll pay you a reward directly to your account!

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