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Making Appointments Easy for Chicago: Pop-up Barbershop #2

Making Appointments Easy for Chicago: Pop-up Barbershop #2

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Earlier this week on July 16th, two of Booksy’s local rockstar barbers transformed an Industrious office space into a place where hair magic happens: a pop-up barbershop. When we say rockstars, we actually mean Rockstars, since Cesar Reyes and Ruel Rockstar own Rockstar Barbershop in Pilsen and Rockstar Barbershop in West Town, respectively. Cesar and Ruel gave up their Tuesday in the shop to provide Industrious members with sharp new cuts. The members each paid $10, which was all donated to Off the Street Club, a Chicago safe haven for kids living in high-crime areas of the city. One member said:

“I normally wouldn’t do this, but the booking process was just so easy, so simple. It literally took me 30 seconds to book my appointment. I live in Lakeview, but I’d have no problem going all the way to Rockstar for my haircuts from now on.” – Danny Murphy

client looking into mirror with barber
Cesar and his client talk about their plan of attack before going in for the shape-up!
A barber’s work station is no joke. Their tools are carried like precious cargo!
Ruel focusing on the details, per usual! No cut is finished until the barber sees perfection.
Clients were pleased with their fresh lines and fades.
We Booksy-fied the most classic barber treat we know – Dum Dums!
Clients loved how easy it was to book on Booksy. No calling, texting, or confusion.
With Booksy, it was client after client walking in. The barbers didn’t have to tend to their phones, text clients back, or sit around waiting for a walk-in.
off the street club kids on a playground
At the end of the day, this is what it’s all about. Hundreds of kids feel safer every year because of Off the Street Club. Watch more on OTSC here.

Booksy Pop-ups is on a mission to connect local barbers, help those in need, and provide good hair for everyone. Less than an hour of conversation, a small donation, and a quick polish for the hairs on your head is making more of a difference than we know. Keep your eye out for the next #BooksyPopup!

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