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Michael Kelley: Free Webinar

Michael Kelley: Free Webinar

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You see a lot of people posting on Instagram about being sponsored by this company or that company, but what does it mean? Have you ever wondered how you can become sponsored by a large company?

Michael Kelley is a barber from El Paso, Texas. He boasts over 20 years of experience in the barbering industry. He is best known for his precision haircuts and great attention to detail. He is an educator, husband and a father. He will share his formula for securing sponsorships.


  • How Michael Kelley (@m.r.k.thebarber) has secured more than 5 sponsorships (not all of them are barber related!)
  • How he got the attention of large companies
  • What to post and what not to post on social media What benefits he gets for being sponsored

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