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Grow your business with new Mobile Services from Booksy

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Make your clients feel good and look good,
from the comfort of their own home.
Grow your business with the freedom to work anywhere, and anytime.

Mobile Services
by Booksy

How can I add a Mobile Service?

Bring your client's favorite treatments straight to their door.

Let your clients book their favorite services with the Booksy app, for wherever they might be.





Personal Training

Why your business needs Mobile Services

Grow your business with the freedom to work anywhere, and anytime you want.

You reach new customers

Whether you're already a mobile specialist providing services at client’s locations or you simply want to add a new type of service to your offer, our new feature will help you reach more customers who just appreciate having their favorite treatments provided remotely. And more clients mean more money!

Get back to business faster

Getting back to business again after lockdown may seem overwhelming, but with Booksy's Mobile Services, you have a whole new avenue to help you adjust to the new normal, and not having your own workspace is no longer an obstacle. All you need are your professional skills, basic gear and a great mobile app that will help you connect with your clients - and you can leave the last bit to Booksy.

Although Covid-19 lockdown restrictions may be lifted or are being eased in your area, you might find some clients are reluctant to wait in queues and venture into busier areas. With Mobile Services they can look good and feel good from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Grow your business in a 'post-covid' world

How do I turn my Mobile Services on?

How do Mobile Services work?

Mobile Services gives you complete freedom to grow your business. You decide where you'll work, what services you'll provide and when you work. Fully customizable, but wonderfully simple.

Define your working area

Choose the area where you'll travel to - fully customizable with your own travel requests and requirements.

Cover your costs. Set a minimum price for travelling in a given area. You can always adjust it if you're travelling further

Set your travel fee

Approve each mobile service so you know you can get your job done properly, and don't have to rush to the other end of city in 15 minutes.

Confirm each booking

Before you begin offering services, check the COVID-19 restrictions within your area, and make sure that your actions are in accordance with the local policies created for public safety. Then take the appropriate measures for your safety and the safety of your clients to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Click here to learn more.

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