2022’s Most Popular Female Pubic Hair Trends
Downstairs Grooming: 2022’s Most Popular Female Pubic Hair Trends

Downstairs Grooming: 2022’s Most Popular Female Pubic Hair Trends

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Different styles of pubic hair grooming have always been around since the dawn of time. And though topics surrounding the subject weren’t always so talked about, these days aspects like the world wide web, the body positivity movement, and the beauty industry reaching new heights have allowed for pubic hair trends to go public and mainstream.

Whether you’re into a classic bikini wax or prefer to take it all off, there’s a style for everyone when it comes to downstairs grooming. So use our guide and pick a style that speaks to you to get inspired by the female pubic hair trends for 2022 before you book your next appointment with your wax technician.

The Au Naturel Bush

The Au Naturel Bush

This one doesn’t actually require a trip to the waxing salon nor an appointment with your laser hair removal technician. Sporting a full bush hit its peak of popularity during the late 60s and remained in style throughout the 70s—so much so, that its often called the “1970s bush”. If going all-natural is your comfort level, letting your pubes grow out (with the occasion trim from time to time) is a virtually maintenance-free option.
The Classic Bikini Wax

The Classic Bikini Wax

If you’re looking for something a little bit more clean cut than a bush but are still wanting to go for a style that’s simple and no-frills, a standard bikini wax is exactly what you should ask for. A bikini wax will conveniently remove only the hairs from the edges of your bikini line, leaving the remaining patch of hair trimmed down to a natural, triangular shape.
The Brazilian bikini wax

The Brazilian

At this point, “Brazilian wax” has essentially become a key buzzword surrounding pubic hair depilation—and you’re likely already familiar with the style regardless of if you’re familiar with the name. A Brazilian wax leaves just a small strip in the front, so it’s perfect for those who want barely-there hair. But the rest is left hair-free, including the removal of hair from between the legs and the backside.
The Hollywood bikini wax

The Hollywood

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum in comparison to the bush, there’s the Hollywood style wax. A Hollywood wax will take it all off, and we mean all of it. Every hair from your intimate area, from front to back will be removed. So if you want to go completely bare down there, you’ll get the ultimate silky smooth effect through a Hollywood wax.
The French bikini wax

The French

We have the Brazilian, the Hollywood, and now also the French wax. You might’ve also heard it referred to as the “landing strip”, this method of pubic hair styling is quite similar to the Brazilian with just one slight difference. Unlike a Brazilian, the French style wax doesn’t remove hair between the legs or on the backside. This makes it particularly popular for newbies to waxing who aren’t ready to go full-on Brazilian.

Try out one of the current female pubic hair trends by booking a waxing appointment near you!