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Save Time and Stay Organized with Inventory

Save Time and Stay Organized with Inventory

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Let’s face it, Inventory can get complicated and is often overwhelming. But, if you don’t use Inventory software it becomes difficult to monitor product usage and sales. So, we’re taking the headache out of Inventory. Booksy’s Inventory lets you easily monitor product sales and usage, optimize stock levels and send purchase orders.

Easily manage Inventory from anywhere

Stay organized with the ability to access and analyze your inventory from anywhere. Log in from any computer to add new products or manage your existing products. Use Inventory to manage your product sales and your internal product consumption. 

With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to upload data in bulk or individually. Once you’ve uploaded your products, you can track their storage locations and their current stock. Booksy keeps track of every product in your salon or shop and continuously updates your inventory figures every time you make a sale or order additional products.

Maximize product sales by staying stocked

Do you have real-time access to your stock levels? Is it difficult for you to know when product stock is running low? Tallying products by hand can lead to a loss in revenue from inaccurate purchase orders, waste, or pilferage. 

Maintaining too little inventory may lead you to run out of stock. You can miss out on potential sales if your most popular products aren’t stocked properly. Without stock alerts, it can be difficult to keep up with when it’s time to place another order. With Booksy’s Inventory that’s no longer a problem. Low-stock alerts help remind you when to place a new order so you can always stay stocked.

Holding too much inventory can also be bad for your business. Over-buying on the wrong products prevents you from maximizing your sales. These excess products can take up shelf space, and if they continue to sit they may expire. 

With real-time access to your product stock, you’ll be able to quickly identify sales trends and know the right time to re-order each product.

Manage suppliers and create easy purchase orders

Managing your Inventory and placing new product orders no longer have to be separate processes. Add your Suppliers directly into Booksy so you can create and send new purchase orders. Once your orders are fulfilled, your product quantities in your Inventory will automatically be updated.

You can make your order process even easier with Quick Orders. When product stock is running low, these products will automatically appear as an option for a Quick Order. With Quick Orders, you can generate a new order for these products in less than 30 seconds. This feature helps you identify what products need to be re-stocked and allows you to prioritize those orders.

With Booksy, Inventory IS easy to manage.

Need help getting started? Check out our help center articles or watch our how-to video below: