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Tips for Working with a New Stylist or Barber

Tips for Working with a New Stylist or Barber

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Our research shows that about 80% of Booksy business owners had to close their doors, due to COVID-19. Although many beauty and wellness professionals are back behind the chair, some are still rebuilding. This could mean it’s time to consider working with a new stylist or barber. 

While this may seem like a tough decision, Booksy is here to help. We created this short article on working with a new beauty or grooming professional to make sure our readers would have all the information they would need to get a picture-perfect haircut or stylish summer look. 

Keep reading to learn seven tips that you should know, before booking an appointment with someone new. Some of these tips are especially relevant, while additional workplace health and safety practices have to be taken into consideration, during the remainder of the shutdown.

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View Pictures and Read Reviews 

One of the most important steps you can take before working with a new stylist or barber is to familiarize yourself with their work. Booksy lets you view pictures of haircuts and styles performed by hair technicians and barbers via the portfolio section of every Booksy profile.

Booksy also lets you review workspace photos, so you can see the inside of the shop, before booking an appointment. Reading reviews is also helpful, because they’re written by actual customers. Reviews can give the clearest details about the professional and their work.

Booksy profiles should also contain written information about that stylist in regards to their level of experience or specialities that are available upon request. 

Schedule a Consultation Session

Before committing to an appointment, check to see if you can schedule a consultation session. This step will give you an opportunity to learn more about your stylist or barber and explain what you’d like to achieve with regards to showcasing a new look or redoing something classic.

Scroll through the Booksy app to confirm whether or not the stylist or barber offers consultation sessions. Some professionals do require a small fee for a consultation session. Others will offer consultations for free, especially if you’re a first-time customer working with a new stylist.

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Bring in a Picture of a Haircut or Style

If you have any doubts about explaining the style you want to wear or simply aren’t sure how to talk through an entirely new look, bring in a picture. Save an image on your phone or tablet and bring it into the salon. But make sure it’s a look that will fit your professional and social lifestyle. 

Remember that bringing in more than one picture is also okay. For instance, if you feel inspired by a style of bangs, as well as someone else’s layers—then bring in two images. But try to select a picture with a model who has the same kind of hair texture and facial features that you possess. 

This will make sure you avoid bringing in an image of someone who is sporting a look, which may not suit you. And finding a picture of a model who shares your same hair texture and facial features will help any industry expert recreate that look. But still listen to your stylist, if they have feedback. They are the experts on recreating a look.

Give Honest Details About Your Routine 

When it comes to sitting in the chair of a new stylist—honesty is always the best policy. In particular, make sure you’re as honest as possible, when it comes to telling hair stylists or barbers about the amount of time you devote to styling your hair each day. 

Let them know if you’re someone who is pressed for time and only has about five minutes every morning to brush and apply one product. Alternatively, speak up if you have the time and energy to spend 20 minutes to an hour in the mirror, before starting your day.

A new stylist or barber will be able to perform their best work, once they know a few details about your daily hair styling routine. These important details will help professionals give you a style that’s easy to manage or draws the right kind of attention with careful, consistent maintenance. 

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Talk About Hair Products

Working with a new stylist or barber is just like any healthy, rewarding relationship. So, don’t be afraid to open the lines of communication and ask for recommendations on products. Most industry experts can offer a host of great advice on choosing the right products for use at home. 

Some stylists and barbers may even have products for sale within the salon or barbershop. If you’re honest about the specific products that you’re regularly adding to your hair, this will help the stylist recommend future styles or looks, since conversations about styling products can reveal important information. 

Follow Safety and Health Rules

Keep in mind that many salons and barbershops are still performing additional safety and health routines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Make sure you’re up to date with the safety and health rules that are practiced within that shop or salon. 

With Booksy, it’s easy to view the Safety and Health Rules that your new stylist or barber has instituted to keep you safe. Health and Safety Rules are visible on the profile of every barber or stylist, who chooses to publish that information.

There may also be a quick form for you to complete, which simply confirms that you are in good health. Within the Booksy app, these are called Disclaimer Forms. And they’re designed to make sure everyone is safe and stays that way, during their visit to the salon or shop. 

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Health and Safety Rules

Expect to Show Gratitude After the Session

Once you’ve taken all of these considerations into mind—know that you’re probably going to walk away with a style that looks and feels great. And as we all know, it’s important to show gratitude when you’ve worked with a new stylist or barber, who goes above and beyond.

Be ready to write an online review, which you can easily do via the Booksy app. And always remember to show gratitude by tipping appropriately. Consider using the #TipNowBookNow feature, which is also available within the Booksy app.

This tool lets you show your support for stylists and barbers who are working their hardest during this time. The feature makes it easy to tip while avoiding the use of paper money, since health and safety officials are still recommending contact-free payment methods. 

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