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The Most Anticipated 2023 Beauty Trends

The Most Anticipated 2023 Beauty Trends

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Pinterest recently released its annual 2023 Beauty Trends Pinterest Predicts list, and it’s gotten us revved up to see which beauty trends will make their mark in the new year. 

Unlike a year-end trend report, Pinterest describes its list as a “not-yet-trending report.” Because of the nature of Pinterest, it is a place where people go to plan major events, milestones, and style inspo boards. That means Pinterest has a bead on what is popular before it starts trending. And they have a pretty solid track record – 8 out of 10 predictions have come true three years in a row.

For us at Booksy, it’s all about staying ahead of the curve with hair, nails, makeup, skincare, and self-care. This year’s most exciting trends take inspiration from toned-down, casual looks, a dash of Sci-Fi, and saturated gemstone colors. We love to see the resurgence of old-school styles with a modern, optimistic twist. 

Read on for our list of the most anticipated 2023 beauty trends.

Gemini Duos

Pinterest predicts that two-toned Gemini-inspired colors will be the it color trend of the year. According to the Pinterest report, searches for blue and black braids are up 215% and brown to pink balayage searches increased by 280%. 

We will see both mixes of vivid colors along with a color and natural tones. This is definitely the perfect time to experiment with some two-toned looks.

two-toned colored hair

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Ethereal Styles

Gender norms continue to bend with this trend following searches for lace, ruffles, and sheer options for both males and females. The aesthetic gives any chosen color a light and whispy look because of the textiles used. For example, you may see sherbet oranges and pinks done in netting or sheer fabrics. While the colors can be vibrant, the overall look remains light. It’s almost reminiscent of sunset skies. 

sheer and ethereal top

Micro-everything Nails

A beautiful mani can really take you places. According to Pinterest, small is in. Long nails will be traded in for short nails, but that doesn’t mean that creativity is disappearing. Nail art is still huge, but technicians will be asked to do more with tinier surfaces.

Booksy Ambassador and nail artist extraordinaire Spifster says one of the best parts about her job is creating something that her clients can take everywhere they go. We concur, and we’re so thrilled that pops of color done in a surprising way are one of the top 2023 beauty predictions.


Lean into the micro-trend with shorter nails that don’t slow you down. Thankfully, this trend doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice cute nail art or design. Your nail technician can still add as much playfulness as you’d like on even practical-length nails.

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Sci-Fi Touches

Pinterest has seen a spike in futuristic aesthetics and styles. While the boards Pinterest users are creating are high-concept, and might not show up outside of editorial photoshoots, you will still see sci-fi touches in 2023. Think blunt hair perimeters, silver clothing, and fashion eyewear that reminds you of Geordi LaForge.

Not only with the look be futuristic, but techwear will gain new territory. So many already wear a FitBit or Apple Watch, but textiles may get a tech upgrade too. For example, they’ve harnessed green screen technology and applied it to cloth. Now, you can walk through the world camouflaged to cameras. They can’t read you and so you look invisible. While this is cutting-edge and is still in development, we are excited to see when it drops to the public and how quickly it will be adopted.

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