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The Time is Right: June Holiday Promotions

The Time is Right: June Holiday Promotions


Looking for clever ways to have fun and fill your calendar? Booksy has a list of great occasions for you to promote your business and bring a smile to your client’s face.

Here are some of our favorite picks for the month of June.

8th – National Best Friend Day

This is a great opportunity to offer a gesture of friendship to all your clients with a ‘refer a friend’ promotion. What better way for two best friends to celebrate than a day of TLC to catch up and relax?

17th (the third Sunday of the month) – National Father’s Day

There is a long tradition of father-son activities in barbershops. Encourage your clients to visit your shop with their fathers or with their sons (why not both!) for this special occasion and help create a memorable bonding moment.

26th – National Beautician’s Day

This is a day to recognize the work you do as a beauty professional! Make it a festive day for yourself and encourage others to come in and help you celebrate the occasion. You may offer them a promotion to get them in the door, but let them know about the special day to watch the tips come in.

Throughout the month – cap and gowns and wedding gowns…. this is a month filled with graduations and weddings. As these are some of the biggest milestones in one’s life, they are sure to want to look and feel their best. With the right advertising and planning, you can make sure to be the one who gets them ready for their big day. Can you think of any more events we’ve missed? Just let us know! Want more help making the most of big events? Booksy creates free promotional graphics for its members and has a beautifully advanced messaging system for all your advertising needs.


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