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Tips for Healthier Hair This Summer

Tips for Healthier Hair This Summer

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As businesses all over the country slowly begin reopening their doors, this may be a good time to take more long walks or spend more hours social distancing in open parks. Regardless of the way you choose to spend this summer, don’t forget to invest in protecting your hair.

The hard truth is that we all have a number of different bad habits that damage our hair. And if that’s not enough of an incentive to make some changes to your hair care routine, keep in mind that summer means that dry, hot weather and added sunshine will take its toll. 

Take a few moments to read our short guide and learn some easy steps that you can practice at home to make sure your hair looks and feels healthy all summer, even if you’re not going into the salon as often. 

These tips for healthier hair this summer will help you enhance your beauty routine and make sure you look and feel your absolute best, while you enjoy a little bit of well deserved sunshine over the next few months. 

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Use Products With More Natural Ingredients 

It’s no secret that if you use too many of the wrong kinds of products your hair health will suffer. Too many products can make your hair look slick and greasy. And avoiding a lot of unnecessary chemicals will also prevent dry hair and unnecessary breakage. 

Instead, use the right amount of oils and protectants. And reach for herbal, organic products made with natural ingredients. An important tip for healthier hair this summer is to spend some additional time checking the labels on the back of your hair care products.

For added help, try entering the product in the Skin Deep ADD Cosmetics Database, which is published by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). This online resource to help you become more mindful of the ingredients in your hair products.

Avoid Hairstyles That are Too Tight 

Whether you’re still spending all of your time at home or stepping outside here and there, avoid pulling your hair back into a tight hairstyle everyday, which can cause damage to your hair follicles. A tightly pulled back hairstyle can also cause strands of your hair to break or fall out. 

While it may feel incredibly efficient to tie your hair back, just keep it a little loose and consider wearing your hair down whenever possible. And don’t be afraid to change your hairstyle this summer, as most stylists agree that hairstyle changes will keep your strands and scalp healthy.

But remember, if you plan to braid your hair this summer, make sure a little bit of hair is loose at the scalp. And if you’re planning to wear heavy extensions, give your hair a break after three months.

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Protect Your Hair From Heat and UV Rays

We recommend limiting the amount of heat that you apply to your hair, especially during the summer. And that’s because blow-drying, straightening, and curling tools can damage hair—even at lower temperatures or settings.

But if you’re going to apply heat to your hair this summer, remember to apply heat protectant beforehand. Heat protectant will help your hair gently heat up rather than suddenly, which can prevent a lot of damage.

A great way to use protectant is to grab small sections of damp hair and apply two or three spritzes of protectant per section. When you’re finished, carefully comb your hair to distribute the formula. Because the heat protectant must be applied throughout your hair for it to help. 

If you’re worried about harsh rays from the sun, use a light hair spray that offers broad spectrum sun protection and consider wearing a sun hat. Styling experts also agree that frequent trims during the summer will help prevent split ends caused by heat damage and sun exposure.

Brush With Added Care

Brushing your hair certainly has some positive benefits beyond feeling great. It can help stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which helps your hair grow. And hair brushing helps distribute oil from your scalp to the rest of your hair to keep it lustrous. 

But excessive brushing is a mistake that many of us make. It’s especially important to limit the amount of time you spend brushing your hair when it’s soaking wet. Because wet hair is much weaker and can break more easily. 

Instead, remember to brush your hair when it’s slightly damp, which should make it easiest to style. Or try brushing your hair before washing, which could reduce tangling. And after you wash your hair, gently blot it with a soft cloth and let it air dry a little before brushing. 

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Be More Mindful While Drying

If possible, try to consider air drying, which is a another great tip for healthier hair this summer. It’ll give your hair a much needed break from some of the tools that strip your hair of natural oils. 

And if air drying isn’t possible due to your lifestyle or time restraints, consider using an old cotton t-shirt on your hair. Because those faded, old t-shirts won’t be as rough on your hair cuticles. 

Another valuable pro-tip to make sure you have healthier hair this summer is to remember to blot your hair and avoid rubbing it with a harsh towel. Much more water will come out of your hair, which can reduce the amount of time you spend drying this summer.