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Top Seven Grooming Trends for Men in 2019

Top Seven Grooming Trends for Men in 2019

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People rarely have much to say, when it comes to talking about grooming trends for men. But a large portion of the population has a beard to trim, a mustache to style, or a face to shave. 

Instead of sweeping these kind of conversations under the rug, we’ve selected seven of the most popular grooming trends that men indulged in throughout 2019.

And as the year comes to a close, this is a great time to take a quick look at those trends, which say a lot about our society and the level of importance we place on a man’s appearance.


Not too long ago, there were men with long, scruffy-looking beards on almost every busy intersection across America. Thankfully, a rugged, lumberjack-style beard just isn’t as trendy today. 

Alternatively, men are sporting beards that require more maintenance. And in response to that rising trend, airbrushing is becoming more popular. For those who don’t know, airbrushing is when a barber sprays semi-permanent dye onto patches that naturally appear in beards. 

Airbrushing helps to create fuller, thicker beards, and it lasts for about 3-5 facial washes. An especially appealing feature about airbrushing is that it’s very affordable—the price of the service ranges in different parts of the country, but it usually costs about $10 to $20.

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Mustache Waxes

Beards aren’t the only bit of facial hair that have gained more attention in the past year. More and more men are paying attention to their mustaches. 

And that’s because, just like a beard, a mustache can be the first thing that others notice on a man’s face, so why shouldn’t a guy put in the extra effort to showcase a well-trimmed ‘stache?

The additional attention to mustaches has encouraged men to use waxes, which help men style their mustache hair. But waxes also nourish and more importantly soften the hair. 

Some mustache waxes offer a strong hold that lasts for up to about a day, while others simply make sure that upper lip hair can be cut, trimmed, and sculpted with greater ease.

Green Skincare Products

More than ever before, men are actively creating their own morning and evening skincare regimens to reduce the signs of aging and promote healthier skin. 

But even more importantly, the fact that more men are actively focusing on their skincare means that there’s a burgeoning market for eco-friendly products for environmentally conscious men, who care about themselves and the world that we all share. 

Some of the available green products for men include strengthening shampoos, biodegradable bath sponges, after shave balm, eye cream, and night lotion.

And although women may have paved the way for this movement, men from all backgrounds are reaching for products that use recyclable packaging, support sustainable and biodynamic farming, and avoid shipping methods that emit unnecessary amounts of greenhouse gas. 

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Tapered Man Braids

Braids have been heavily worn by women across the globe for centuries. Although some styles have been socially acceptable for men here and there, braids have recently become more of a trend, as they’re being worn by men of color, as well as white males.

Right now, man braids are most often being worn with detailed, meticulous tapers. And that includes double braids, braid buns, and layered braids, which are all being sported by men, who use their combination of intricate braids and fresh tapers to suggest sophistication and style.

Scalp Micropigmentation

This relatively new feature is designed specifically for men who are experiencing hair loss or thinning, and this non-invasive grooming treatment helps give the illusion of a full head of hair. 

More specifically, scalp micropigmentation works by adding pigment into the scalp, very similar to the way a tattoo works. The main difference is that tattoo ink is deposited much deeper into the skin.

Beard Vitamins 

Remember eating your vitamins every morning as a kid? Well that doesn’t have to stop for men, who’ve grown physically and mentally. According to experts in the barbering community, beard vitamins are the next big thing in stimulating beard hair growth. 

Many of the vitamins contain nutrients like vitamin C, biotin, and vitamin A. These same supplements are marketed toward women who want to take vitamins and minerals to help them produce thicker, healthier hair.

While this isn’t expected to work for everyone. Consumers who have deficiencies in these vitamins have received positive results, which have added to the popularity of beard vitamins. 

Beard Straightening Brushes

Brushes, combs, and straightening tools have been around for centuries. But beard straightening brushes are the new wave, and they’re making a big impact, because of their low cost and promise of very high returns. 

For most men with beards, a coarse and frizzy mane comes with the territory. Unfortunately, everyday combs just don’t cut it, especially for longer or fuller beards. 

But beard straighteners have adjustable temperatures and heat up in less than a minute. Some of them have removable layer combs and other features to prevent overheating or scalding. 

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