The Top 5 Tampa Nail Salons
The Top 5 Tampa Nail Salons

The Top 5 Tampa Nail Salons


You know that feeling when you’re this close to perfecting your look? Your outfit is on point, hair freshly colored, and brows neatly threaded. The cherry on top, though? A perfectly-shaped, delicately-designed and stunning manicure job. Good-enough nails you can do at home. But if you want great nails, you need to go to a pro. Check out our the top 5 Tampa nail salons (that you can book on Booksy)!

Mia’s Beauty Nail Art & Spa

Endless, back-to-back manicures are no mindless task for Mia Tran. Each new set of hands is a blank canvass awaiting Mia’s creative and artistic touch. You name it: ombre, encapsulated, shape? Mia has it mastered. Book with Mia’s Beauty Nail Art & Spa for a one-of-a kind of nail experience.

girl standing in front of nail polish
“Nail Art is the way to express your personality and your style,” says Mia (photo by Leigh Clifton)

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Ichy Nails

“I’m all about quality, not quantity,” Ichy Santana says about her secret to becoming one of the best in Tampa. It’s no secret at all after looking at some of her masterpieces on her Instagram. Her clients often will say their nails have been “transformed” after leaving a nail appointment with Ichy. “The Tampa community is drawn to the time and dedication I give to each and every one of them. It’s necessary to make it a memorable experience for them.”  

fresh manicure art infront of a marble countertop
One of the many beautiful works of art from Ichy’s talented hand.

Nails by Dalenny

Known for her longer and highly-embellished styles, Dalenny Jimenez has made a name for herself in the world of Tampa nail art. “I’m able to capture exactly what my client is asking for, while providing the best customer service possible,” says Jimenez, owner of Nails by Dalenny. Her clients constantly rave about not only the quality of nails, but also how long they last.

freshly manicured hands with rings
“Being bilingual and providing a one-on-one experience every time is something that has always put me ahead,” says Jimenez.

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MC Nails

With over 50 5-star reviews on Booksy, Maricelis Roque shines bright like a diamond—literally. She specializes in crystal nail application, specifically, Swarovski crystals. Clients have the option to embellish their nails with these timeless, glittery specs to add an eye-catching touch their manicure. Roque is a master of this skill and even offers classes on it to educate others.

pastel colored ombre nails
A true work of art by Roque, demonstrating a slew of complicated skills, including ombre, shape, and encapsulations. (photo by Leigh Clifton)

Nail Art

Compliments like “exceptional customer service” and “nail talent from the gods” are just a few of the many positive reviews left by satisfied Nail Art customers. Tan Le, owner of Nail Art, has successfully built up a team of about 20 nail professionals who have earned the trust of Tampa residents when it comes to the care and style of their nails. 

yellow and purple ombre square shaped nails
Rocking 138, 5-star reviews and a team of 20, you’re sure to find your Nail Art soulmate here.

Tampa—you can forget the days when you were at a loss for great nails. You’re sure to look fabulous if you visit one of the  nail artists we’ve shared here. A warning before putting your nails in the hands of these experts: Give yourselves at least 10 minutes to admire your final product before getting in your car to drive away. Why? Because great nails are worth staring at (and smudges are NOT your friend)!

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