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On a beautiful, sunny day on the south coast of England, one of our beloved salons, Well Gel Southeast, moved location and some of the Booksy team attended the open day. We were delighted by the delicious hors d’oeuvres loved the live band, enjoyed the party decorations, observed live filler demonstrations awed at the tastefully decorated salon and had the honor of meeting the beautiful owner, Hannah Bannerman-Watson. Between cutting the ribbon and drinking Prosecco (shh, don’t tell the rest of the team they missed out- they’ll be well jel ?), we got chatting with Hannah about what lead her to follow her dreams.

What lead you to become a Beautician?

It’s something that I’ve always been passionate about. I love doing beauty myself. My main thing is eyebrows. I love doing eyebrows.

What’s the best thing about being a Beautician?

I love my job. I don’t class it as a job. It’s literally something I love doing.

What drives you to go further?

My team and my customers- they motivate me every day.

What do you think is the key to success?

To share your knowledge.

How did you find out about Booksy?

Through a Booksy Rep that came to see me.

Had you tried any other similar systems before? If so, what was the reason you chose Booksy?

I used something before but Booksy was easier for my customers.

What’s your favourite feature?

I think for us, as a salon, the calendar is our fave feature as we can book everything in, it’s visual for us as staff and we can all see what each other are doing as opposed to the last system, we couldn’t see.

What kind of changes have you noticed since using Booksy?

More customers. More customers using the online booking system as well, so before with my last system they used to shy away from it whereas, with this one, they’re a lot more confident. Oh and a lot more customer reviews!

What do your clients think about the app?

They love it.

Would you recommend Booksy to others in the industry?

Yeah, definitely! I have recommended it to quite a few.

What are your plans for the future of Well Gel?

To stay in one place and make sure that our customer loyalty stays here so they keep coming back and that my staff are happy.

If you could have anyone in your chair, who would it be and why?

David Beckham because I love him. I’d love to massage his feet.

What are your most memorable moments so far?

Since starting up? I think today, actually. There are so many people that have shown up and bought me lovely gifts and that been loyal from the word go.

Have you got any tips/advice for aspiring beauticians?

Just follow your dreams. I never thought it was possible but I did it and it’s been really successful. I thought it seemed like hard work, which it is, but I think that you always doubt yourself, you think ‘could I do it?’ and there’s so much competition out there but I did it and it’s been a success.

Who do you admire within the industry?

My mum. She’s a beautician as well.

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