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Fade Haircut: Find Your Fade and Ask Your Barber for It!

Fade Haircut: Find Your Fade and Ask Your Barber for It!

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The fade haircut has become one of the most popular hairstyles today, growing in popularity over the last few years. And we completely understand why—this haircut looks effortlessly cool. More than that, it comes in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to get creative with how they’re worn.

If you’re in the market for something new, that looks awesome, and totally fit to your preference, look no further. Seriously, if only all haircuts had this type of versatility!

However, with so many variations of the classic fade, you may need to do some research before you head to your barber. For instance, what’s the difference between a taper fade and a low fade? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

First things first: What even is a fade?

What is a fade haircut?

As mentioned above, there are countless versions of the fade haircut. A classic fade is characterized by being very short at the sides and back, giving the illusion of the hair “fading” as it reaches its destination. The hair at the top can be left at different lengths, all depending on your preferences.

That’s pretty much it—that’s why the styles you can create are almost endless.

What determines the type of fade you get is where the “fading” starts. You’ll have to choose how long or short you want the top. From there, you’ll be able to determine whether you’re going for a high, mid or low fade. (We’ll get into what those are later).

To help you choose the right fade haircut, let’s go over some popular styles.

Taper fade haircut

Admittedly, there’s some confusion about what this type of haircut actually is. Often, people use “taper” and “fade” interchangeably. However, this is not correct.

Here’s why: Essentially, a taper haircut is a type of fade. But, a fade is not a kind of taper. In fact, this style involves a subtle fade at the sideburns and neckline. It blends into the skin directly from your haircut. To accomplish this, the barber will leave the area behind the ears short and cleaned up with defined lines.

Example of a taper fade

Low fade haircut

Great for men with diamond or triangular head shapes, a low fade haircut is aptly named. Generally, it starts lower on the head, length increasing as the cut moves up. This type of fade achieves a modern version of the classic style. However, if there’s need to keep the cut understated, there’s ample room to do that. All you need to do is tell your barber, and they’ll make the necessary arrangements.

Like stated above, the opportunities are boundless. For example, you can get a low taper fade, low skin fade, low bald fade, even a low fade undercut.

Mid fades

The mid fade haircut is arguably the most popular of fades out there. Essentially, it combines the best of both worlds. Mid fades provide you with a perfect balance between the low and high fade. They start halfway up the sides and back, and feature a gradual fade.

Mid fades allow you to really play with the hair on top. For instance, you can opt for an elegant, formal look, or go for casual and modern. The mid fade can compliment most people, as it doesn’t add width at the sides. It is an especially good option for men with round faces, or thick, curly hair.

Variations of the mid fade include the mid drop fade, mid top fade, mid fade pompadour, or the mid level fade.

High fade haircut

It’s said that the high fade is the most modern version among the fades. This is because, here, the blending starts very high on the head, at or just above your temples. It shortens at a point much higher than the low or mid fade. This provides a strong contrast with the hair on top and can allow you to make it truly stand out.

You’ve probably seen the high fade out and about. So, now you can put a term to the look! This is a great choice for people who want a stylish, yet versatile, type of fade.

Variations of the high fade include a high fade with a faux hawk, high top fade, high fade with dreads, high and the tight high fade. As is true with a fade, there’s countless ways to style it.

Your haircut is arguably the first thing that catches the eye when someone meets you. This is why having a hairstyle that makes you feel good is important. A good haircut can truly boost your self-esteem, but more than that, there’s nothing like a visit to the barber.

So trust us, if you haven’t changed your hairstyle in a while, this just may be the sign you needed to see to visit your barber! And with Booksy always there for you, booking that appointment will be as easy as it can be–just head on over to our website or download the app now.