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What’s A Day Spa All About?

What’s A Day Spa All About?

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A trip to the day spa is a top relaxation destination in Dallas, Chicago, and Orlando, but also in smaller cities across the country. But what exactly should a day spa package include? And what are the benefits? We’ll give you the rundown of booking a visit and experiencing your own personal oasis—day spa style.

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When’s the best time to head to the spa?

A trip to the spa is never a bad idea. Day spas are a way for you to rejuvenate, whenever you want to improve the state of your body or indulge in some deep relaxation. Many people choose to visit a day spa before an important event or to decompress after stressful time periods, like the holidays. While others simply choose to go as an after-work activity or on their day off. After all, time spent at the spa is like a mini-vacation.

What’s usually included in a spa package? That’s hard to say. Day spas often include a variety of different packages, and they’ll vary from spa to spa. But at many places, you’ll find that a day spa package can include a combination of treatments such as:

  Body massage

  Face massage

  Paraffin treatment for the hands and feet

  Manicure and pedicure

  Peel treatment


  Sauna or steam room

  Facial treatment (for instance, mesotherapy)

Spa bonuses

Because you’ll be spending a minimum of a few hours at the day spa, most establishments will provide you with drinks during your visit. The most renowned places offer teas and herbal infusions, matched with the flavor and aromatic notes of your selected treatments. Sometimes, certain spas enrich their day spa packages with a glass of wine and fruit, or other healthy snacks.

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Spa advice, from specialists

A few hours spent in the company of a qualified cosmetologist or beautician is a great opportunity to ask questions and get advice. Most spa professionals will be able to adequately address concerns regarding your skin and body—and they can even recommend you some products or remedies to try out on your own.

Relaxing, just the way you like it

The longer the day spa experience lasts, the better! It’s the ultimate way of experiencing me-time. It’s best to determine what your day package includes while consulting with a professional in advance. Then, together, you can choose additional treatments that are tailored to your needs and the current season.

Treatments for two

Want to persuade a friend or partner to accompany you on a day of self-care? Book a day spa package together! Many salons and spas offer couples day spa packages, so phone a friend, family member, or your significant other and spoil yourselves with a treatment package for two. Packages like these also make great gift ideas—so keep that in mind for the next gift-giving occasion.


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