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Why Barbers in 2018 need Booksy?

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It’s important for us to make your life as a beauty specialist easier. But it is also important to help you make more money! Watch the video and see what Ged The Barber think about Booksy.


Booksy Statistics & Booksy Reports

See what (and who!) are the biggest money-makers at your shop. Learn how your current earnings compare to other dates. Find out just how many new clients visited vs. regulars and much of your available time was spent providing services. The Statistics feature gives you all of this and more. It presents your business data with clear visuals that help you see how your business is doing at a glance. Also, the system lets you customize the time period so that you can quickly check your stats for any day, week or month.

Sometimes, you might need to see all of the details broken down in an easily readable document. That is why Booksy prepares downloadable reports on your business performance, staff commission and product inventory. There is no guesswork as to what different facts or figures mean. So whether you need proof of income, want to consult the figures before making a business decision or just like to have a printed copy for your files- Booksy Reports has what you need.

Want to try Booksy Statistics and Reports from your phone, computer or tablet? Go to Booksy now to see these great features (and more) in action.             

Upselling & Marketing

Use your client profile card to add notes about the types of services they like, as well as their particular needs. That way, your job is easier when proposing new products and services to a particular client. Any recommendation should feel organic.

Your clients won’t have the same needs, so why should they get the same promotions? Booksy lets you create automated customized message campaigns. Your business can be promoting itself for you!

Advanced tip: A carefully crafted promotion can turn a casual client into a regular or increase the value of a client’s visit. Why not recommend a conditioning treatment promotion to all color clients? Or a 10% discount to anyone who sets recurring appointments? Check out our holiday promotions on this blog for more ideas.

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