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Ramsgate Ink
191 Ramsgate Rd, Level 1 shop 5 (below plus fitness), 2217, Sydney
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Ramsgate Ink

191 Ramsgate Rd, Level 1 shop 5 (below plus fitness), 2217, Sydney


    • Professional Tattoo

      10 hour flat rate is for a full day session
    • Custom Artwork Consultation / Design

    • Free Consult


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Michael G…

Mar 23, 2020
No one showed up to my apointment for today even though appointmentss were still being accepted. No information was left suggesting the business was not in operation so ended up wasting my time waiting which I found to be very unprofessional and disa...ppointing. Not even the business voicemail suggested that the business was in tempory shut down. I understand the timing of everything that's going on, however not everyone has social media of any kind like myself, which is fine as I would then turn to your official website, see screenshot below, as of 20 minutes ago still no where to say you are closed for business temporarily. Even searching you on Google shows your trading hours as open, would think if you were closed for many months someone would have bothered to change it. In regards to the no communication, good point, so I rang the mobile number, see screenshot below, and there was no answer and the voicemail also had no indication that your store was temporarily closed, also could've easily been updated in however many months. As you can see, you shouldn't just rely on social media if you also have a website to manage. But that's okau, because I made a booking as per the instructions on your website which allowed me to even make a booking in the first place. Now let's talk about the booking fee, when booking through booksy, the app recommended by your website an option that is provided for a 30 minute FREE!!!! Consultation which was also confirmed, see screenshoot below, with you of all people. As a customer should not have to go through this much effort. Would've been happy to see how business between us progressed with my tattoo. Have a great day.
Replied: Mar 23, 2020
Ramsgate Ink
Hi Michael We have been closed for months and it has been very clear on our social media. We apologise for the inconvenience but you never spoke to anyone regarding your booking to even confirm so I find it slightly unfair leaving a negative review, I see you made your booking online for a “Free Consult”you have not paid a booking deposit or made contact with the shop at all. Especially during this time right now where we are now forced to close until fort her notice. . Have a good day