Shave in Roleystone (3)

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  • Boss Barbershop

    3.2 mi U 5 2756 Albany Hwy, Kelmscott, 6111, Perth

    Cut throat razor Hot Towel Face Shave.

    We first start with trimming any long excess hair off the face. Then followed by a layer of pre shave cream to help allow that to absorb in we then take a hot towel and wrap your face allowing it to get warm enough to the apply the shaving cream then we shave your face with a new cut throat blade. We then finish off with a spritz of cologne to seal the face and add a fresh feel.

    Cut throat razor Hot Towel Head shave.

    We first start with trimming any long excess hair off your head. We then apply a pre shave cream if needed to the scalp followed then by a hot towel wrapped around the head to prepare the skin. We then fully cover your head with shaving cream a shave with a fresh cut throat blade. Once finished we will spritz your scalp with cologne to seal the scalp and add a fresh feel.

    Beard Shave Off (Machine Only)

    This service is only for shaving the face with a trimmer so if you have facial hair wanting it all off then this is the service for you. There is no shaping or lining in this service no hot towel not cut throat just a machine only service
  • The Barbers Lounge

    18.5 mi 8 Silas St, East Fremantle, Unit 1, 6158, Perth

    Clipper Cut (single comb)


    Foil shave head or face


    Beard with shave

    Beard sculpt (with cutthroat razor finish) using the finest in mens shaving products
  • Captain Barber Crossways

    18.2 mi Shop 7 184 Rokeby Rd Subiaco WA, 6008, Perth

    Shave all over


    Full Razor Shave


    Buzz Cut