LexieShay At Hive Hair Salon
LexieShay At Hive Hair Salon
LexieShay At Hive Hair Salon
LexieShay At Hive Hair Salon

As a Hairstylist, I take great pride in creating the best look suited to you. Tailoring your dream hair to suit your lifestyle, skin tone, eye colour, personality, what you wear or even what your flavour of the month is. I am a full service stylist which include, full consultation to find out your exact hair wants/needs/boundaries, tips on styling and home maintenance and completed with a blowdried/ironed finish to give you the salon quality feel. My average Colour and Styling service takes a minimum 3 hours (for basic colouring) and can vary between 4-6 even 7 hours for total Colour Changes, allowing for full colour processing for colour longevity. I am extremely passionate about hair health, as the healthier the hair shaft the longer the colour/style will last. My goal to to get clients hair looking good right up until it needs doing again. My favourite quote I was told, "It's not about what you take off, but about what you leave behind that counts." **All appointments must have patch test and 40% deposit for all major service **card payments are now available with a 3% surcharge

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Head Shave

30m £15.00

Other services

Patch Test

Patch Test includes consultation to confirm service. Patch Test required 24 hrs prior to booking.

10m free Book now


10m free Book now

Paper Not Foil

Paper Not Foil is the alternative to tinfoil.Most of this ends up in landfill where it can take over 400 years to degrade. Paper Not Foil is the first truly sustainable alternative, with no toxic waste in production or disposal.

5m £2.00 Book now


Ladies Style Cut

1h £45.00 Book now

Ladies Restyle Cut

1h 30m £55.00 Book now

Mens Style Cut

1h £30.00 Book now

Mens Restyle Cut

1h 30m £40.00 Book now

Fringe Trim

15m £10.00 Book now

Fringe Restyle

30m £20.00 Book now

Head Shave

30m £15.00 Book now

Beard trim

15m £10.00 Book now
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Colour Service

Global Colour - Short

Short hair - pixie length hair

1h 30m £50.00+ Book now

Global Colour - Medium

Medium length - above shoulders

1h 30m £65.00+ Book now

Global Colour - Long

Long hair - shoulders and below. If hair ia longer than bra length, extra charges will apply.

1h 30m £80.00+ Book now

Root Retouch

Colour Application solely to regrowth

1h 30m £40.00+ Book now


Toner application in between colour services. Allowing to freshen up blondes or fashion colours without a bleach service

30m £30.00+ Book now

Bleach Services

Bleach Root Retouch (4-6 weeks)

Bleach Application solely to the regrowth, basic toner included

2h £60.00+ Book now

Bleach Root Retouch (6+ weeks)

Bleach Application solely to the regrowth that is over 6 weeks growth, basic toner included.

2h 30m £80.00 Book now

Bleach Application (Virgin Hair) - Short

Bleach Application on Virgin Hair. Basic toner application included Patch Test required prior to appointment.

2h 30m £80.00+ Book now

Bleach Application (Virgin Hair) - Medium Length

Bleach Application on Virgin Hair. Includes basic toner Patch Test required prior to appointment.

2h 30m £95.00+ Book now

Bleach Application (Virgin Hair) - Long

Bleach Application on Virgin Hair. includes basic toner application. Patch Test required prior to appointment.

3h £110.00 Book now

Lightening Cleanse

Lightening cleanse is to lift one shade, globally, or lighter. Also can be added onto a Bleach Root Retouch to clean out and lighten ends, Basic toner is included

30m £30.00+ Book now

The Platinum Card

Platinum Card technique for guests who wants to be lighter globally, from black to blonde (never 100% guaranteed) or grown-out balayage with blonde ends. Instead of doing multiple sessions to achieve the desired colour. The Platinum Card gives the maximum amount of lift in one session, while also allowing amazing control when working with bands and different strengths of developer for different zones of the head. The Platinum Card technique is one of the ultimate modern colour correction techniques. This service starts from £150, for shorter/finer hair and more expensive the longer and thicker the hair. Consultation, patch and strand test is required. Platinum Card is not for everyone.

5h £150.00+ Book now

Foil / Balayage Techniques

Partline Foils

Partline foils - partline and scattered hairline, includes basic toner

2h £65.00+ Book now

Half Head Foils

Half Of Foils, including basic toner.

2h 30m £75.00+ Book now

3/4 Head Of Foils

3/4 Head Of Foils including basic toner

2h 30m £85.00+ Book now

Full Head Foils

Full Head Of Foils including basic toner.

3h £100.00+ Book now

Balayage Highlighting

Balayage Highting - highlighting only, wanting base colour is an added cost.

2h 30m £90.00+ Book now

Hyper Lift Balayage

Hyper Lift Balayage is a dramatic colour change to your current hair colour. This service requires more time, if unsure please contact the salon to adjust timing

3h 30m £120.00+ Book now



INNOluxe Treatment is an added service to any colour service or can be used as a stand only treatment. INNOluxe gives hairdressers the freedom to achieve so much more for their clients while leaving hair much healthier and significantly stronger. It creates super strong & reinforced sulphur bonds that create incredible repair during the colouring process, restoring maximum strength to hair, providing a broader spectrum of healthier hair colouring options to give clients their greatest ever hair!

15m £35.00+ Book now



30m £20.00+ Book now

Blow Dry

1h £30.00+ Book now

Specialty Styling

Styling for Special Events, Hair Ups, Braiding, etc.

1h £45.00+ Book now

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Reviews (34)

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  1. Hannah avatar

    Hannah H.

    Lexie always delivers a fantastic service and creates such beautiful and creative styles. I couldn’t be happier!

  2. Suzie avatar

    Suzie C.

    Absolutely in love with my new hair by Lexi. She listened and advised and I am so pleased with the final result. One talented lady. Happy, friendly atmosphere in the salon...the coffee wasnt too shabby either!

  3. Faith avatar

    Faith R.

    Lexie is a star! Of all the times I’ve had my hair done I could never have been as happy , it looked amazing ! She made me feel very comfortable while in the chair , thankyou again !x

  4. Charlotte avatar

    Charlotte B.

    5* isn’t enough for Lexie, she’s incredible at her job and so passionate about what she does. I can’t thank Lexie enough for making my hair look and feel amazing!

  5. Jane avatar

    Jane C.

    Great consultation with Lexie, can’t wait for my colour and cut appointment!

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