My skin And I Clinic
My skin And I Clinic
My skin And I Clinic
My skin And I Clinic

Botox, Fillers, PRP(Vampire Facial , Acne treatment , Acne scarring , Skin treatment for various concerns . We’re here to make both men and women look good and feel good

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❌Hello all new clients . This Consultation is FREE. Please I urge client not to abuse this as many new clients are not turning up for their appointment. If you cannot can I urge you to simply cancel your appointment so someone else can book in or I can work around my dairy . I am self employed with no other income. Thank you for your understanding. IF 🚷DNA(Did Not Arrived) persist I will have to start charging for consultation or asks for deposit in advance. ⛔THIS DO AFFECT YOUR CUSTOMERS RIGHTS ⛔

30m free Book now

General review

30m free Book now

💆‍♀️Birthday facial💆‍♂️

This is a service only for existing Client.

30m free Book now


✅ Are you an existing client?👍 ✅ Are you getting married?💍 ✅ Book your FREE bridal facial at least two weeks before the big day.

30m free Book now


Desofat (double chin)

A great treatment to be rid of double chin. It can be achieved with one treatment or some client may need two. Its done at 4 weeks apart.

50m £350.00 Book now


Cheek filler

30m £350.00 Book now

Naso labial(nose to mouth line

30m £200.00 Book now

Lip Fillers

30m £170.00 Book now

Half ml Lip Filler

30m £85.00 Book now

Chin Filler

40m £300.00 Book now

Lip liner/ Smokers line

30m £120.00 Book now

Teartrough Filler(under eyes )

30m £180.00 Book now

Teartrough review

This service only for client who's had teartrough filler 4 weeks previous

30m free Book now

Marionette lines.

Creases/ folds that run vertically from corners of the mouth down to the chin.

30m £190.00 Book now


Botox One area

One area can either be Frownlines, Forehead or Crowsfeet

30m £160.00+ Book now

Botox two areas

30m £190.00 Book now

Botox 3 areas

30m £220.00 Book now

Botox gummy smile

30m £40.00 Book now

Botox chin

30m £40.00 Book now

Platysma band(neck)

Platysma band treatment include injecting an small amount of BOTOX into the loose neck muscle,

30m £120.00 Book now

Botox jawline

30m £200.00 Book now

Botox Bruxism (teeth grinding)

30m £200.00 Book now

💧Botox Head (excessive sweating )

30m £275.00 Book now

💧Botox Underarms (excessive sweating)

30m £275.00 Book now

💧Botox Hands/Feet (excessive sweating )

30m £200.00 Book now

💧💧Hyperhidrosis (4 weeks)REVIEW

30m free Book now

Botox Top -Up

15m free Book now


PROFHILO 1 ( Course of 2 at 4 weeks apart)

35m £350.00 Book now


35m free Book now

Neck injection(Profhilo)skin remodelling.

This is a course of X2 treatment at 4weeks apart. It's great for crapy skin at the décolletage and neck, hands and upper arms.

45m £500.00 Book now



💎 Brighter Overall Complexion. The IV of GLUTHATIONE skin lightening treatment can naturally,safely ,evenly and healthily lightens the skin. Includes: High dose of Vitamin C and Gluthatione.

1h £150.00 Book now

Performance BOOSTER PLUS(single treatment)

🍋Includes 15mg of Vitamin C too. 🎆Rediscover your get up and go"⏰ This IV infusion cocktail is packed with Energy boosting 🏋️‍♂️⛹️‍♀️🤸‍♂️ B vitamins and amino Acids. Calcium Chloride, Magnesium chloride, Potassium chloride, Zinc,Lysine,Arginine,Cysteine,Carnetine,Carnosine,Taurine, Folic Acid,B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 & B12

1h 15m £250.00 Book now

Fat Burner Plus(single treatment)

🔥This detox drip combines a special blend of vitamins,minerals and amino acids to help you achieve fat burning and detoxification. ❌Both single and course are available ❌

30m £200.00 Book now


👁Lower eyes blephs

1h £250.00 Book now

Upper eyes blepharoplasty

1h £350.00 Book now

Blephs review

1h free Book now

Skin Tags

30m £50.00+ Book now

Neck treatment (plasma)

This is a mechanical treatment using a device called Plasma BT/ Pexr. An advanced treatment great for both skin tightening and remodelling. It's not painful( topical anaesthetic cream is applied for 30mins )

1h 30m £350.00 Book now


🦵Leg thread vein injection

1h £100.00 Book now
45m £80.00 Book now
30m £50.00+ Book now



5m £28.00 Book now


5m £30.00 Book now


5m £35.00 Book now


5m £30.00 Book now


PRP (Vampire facial

1h £80.00 Book now

PCA Retinol skin peel

40m £80.00 Book now

PRP for hair thinning

1h £120.00 Book now

PRP(Vampire Facial) + PCA peel

1h £120.00 Book now


Mandelic Peel ( course of 3)

Mandelic Peel is suitable for all skin types. Fitzpatrick 1-6.

35m £160.00 Book now
30m £60.00 Book now

Salicylic Peel ( Course of 3 or 6)two weeks apart

SA peel works by penetrating the pores.It unclogged pores and dries up excess sebum(oil) and reduced inflammation caused by the P Acne bacteria. SA is applied on the affected area by using a small brush.There's very minimal to no discomfort.

35m £320.00 Book now
35m £60.00+ Book now
30m £150.00 Book now

Acne Skin Peel

30m £60.00+ Book now


Mini Lower Facelift with Thread

1h £350.00 Book now

Mono threads Review

4 weeks post first treatment.

1h free Book now

Mono Threads (NECK)

This is a 3 months course of mono threads in the neck for loose skin.

1h £250.00 Book now

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  1. Jane avatar

    Jane H.

    Berbs is a lovely Friendly lady whom I warmed to straight away she made me feel comfortable and listened to me and what I wanted to achieve by my treatments. The clinic is purpose built at the rear of her home modern and bright throughout my treatments soft soul/ Motown was playing and Berbs explained what she was doing each step of the way . I am really happy with the results and would definitely recommend to my friends and family.

  2. Lily avatar

    Lily h.

    It was my first time having lip fillers today, she was so informative and made me feel very relaxed! I 100% will be going back for more treatments! Such a lovely lady, who knows her stuff!! These are my before and after photos 🥳💉

  3. Gemma avatar

    Gemma G.

    Amazing lady, very professional and reassuring ... lovely and kind I cannot wait to go back for my top up x

  4. Lucy avatar

    Lucy M.

    I was recommended to come to Berbs and I can see why she gets all of these 5 star ratings! She made me feel totally at ease, she was very knowledgable and her clinic was immaculately clean. Very pleased and looking forward to coming back. Thanks Berbs x

  5. Chloe avatar

    Chloe T.

    Lovely lady, very welcoming and knows her stuff 👌

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