Chic Beauty Clinic
Chic Beauty Clinic
Chic Beauty Clinic
Chic Beauty Clinic
Chic Beauty Clinic
Chic Beauty Clinic

Beauty salon in Bangor town centre.

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Hot Stone Back Massage

30m £27.00

Pregnancy Back Massage. After 1st trimester

30m £27.00

Back massage offer with Aimee

30m £15.00

Hot stone back massage Offer with Aimee

30m £17.00


Sculptured Gel Extensions with Gel Polish

1h 45m £40.00 Book now


1h £28.00 Book now

Sculptured Gel Extensions

Plain (no colour)

1h 30m £35.00 Book now

Sculptured Acrylic Extensions with nail polish

1h 45m £40.00 Book now

Sculptured Acrylic Extensions with gel polish

1h 45m £40.00 Book now

Gel maintenance with polish

1h 15m £35.00 Book now

Pedicure with gel polish

1h 20m £36.00 Book now


1h £28.00 Book now

Gel Polish


45m £25.00 Book now

Gel on toes

45m £20.00 Book now

Gel Polish Redo

Removal and reapplication

1h £30.00 Book now

Acrylic Infills

Plain acrylic without gel polish

1h £30.00 Book now

Gel removal

15m £10.00 Book now

Acrylic Infills with Gel Polish

1h 15m £35.00 Book now


1h £55.00 Book now


30m £30.00 Book now

Gel redo with builder underlay.

Great for keeping Your nails strong and chip free

1h 15m £35.00 Book now

Gel polish nail repair

Gel Polish Repair £3 per nail

15m £3.00+ Book now

Gel builder underlay and gel polish

Great for weak nails helps protect against chipping

1h £30.00 Book now

Acrylic nail repair

15m £5.00 Book now
30m £10.00+ Book now

Nail Art

Price on request

15m £1.00+ Book now
30m £1.00+ Book now

File & Polish

20m £12.00 Book now


45m £23.00 Book now

Deluxe Pedicure

Includes footmask and heated booties Please bring flip-flops

1h 15m £34.00 Book now



Treatment includes tinting, shaping and threading to create your ideal brow

30m £16.00 Book now

Henna spa brows

Henna brows is a fab new treatment that tints the skin where the brow should be. So if you have gaps or want a higher arch it's now possible. Unlike HD brows this doesn't wipe off. Lasts up to 3 weeks on skin. Hair stays dyed for longer. We measure where you brows should be and where you want them to be. 7 different colours to choose from so suitable for everyone.

45m £25.00 Book now

Eyebrow Wax

15m £7.00 Book now

Eyebrow Tint

15m £7.00 Book now

Eyebrow Tint & Wax

20m £13.00 Book now

Eyebrow Wax, Tint & Lash Tint

30m £19.00 Book now

Eyelash Tint

20m £12.00 Book now

LVL Lashes

3 step treatment on natural lashes to give the appearance of longer, thicker, more voluminous lashes (including tint) Please arrive for appointment mascara free where possible

1h 15m £39.00 Book now


Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions (classic)

Maintenance recommended every 2 weeks

1h 30m £55.00 Book now

Lash Maintenance

Up to 30 minutes lash application for classic lash extensions

30m £20.00 Book now

Lash Touch Up (classics only)

Mini Maintenance

15m £13.00 Book now

1 hour semi permanent classic lashes

Last 3 weeks+

1h £35.00 Book now

Removal of Lash Extensions

15m £10.00 Book now

Temporary Lashes

Cluster lashes, ideal for a special occasion

25m £15.00 Book now

Novalash maintenance

For novalash extensions. Every 4-6 weeks.

1h £40.00 Book now

Nova lash volume extensions

New to chic beauty clinic! Fabulous thick and fluffy lashes. Super lightweight so you won't even know you have them on. Last for months.

2h £80.00 Book now

Nova lash volume maintenance 30mins

30m £25.00 Book now

Hybrid light mixture of classic and volume

Mixture of both classic and fine fluffy volume

1h £40.00 Book now

1 hour volume lashes. 2d/3D lashes

Volume lashes 2/3 fluffy fine lashes to each or your lashes

1h £40.00 Book now

Russian volume infills

30m £25.00 Book now

Russian Volume lashes. 1 hr 30 mins

Full set of Russian volume lashes 3/4/5 fluffy lashes to each or your lashes.

1h 30m £60.00 Book now


Eyebrow & Lip

15m £11.00 Book now

Lip & Chin

10m £10.00 Book now


15m £7.00 Book now


10m £5.00 Book now


10m £6.00 Book now

Eyebrow, Lip & Chin

20m £16.00 Book now


15m £8.00 Book now



15m £12.00 Book now


Landing Strip

20m £16.00 Book now


Full wax

30m £25.00 Book now

1/2 Leg

20m £15.00 Book now

1/2 Leg & Bikini

30m £23.00 Book now

3/4 Leg

30m £18.00 Book now

Full Leg

35m £24.00 Book now

Full Leg & Bikini

45m £29.00 Book now

1/2 Arm

15m £10.00 Book now

Full Arm

30m £13.00 Book now


20m £13.00 Book now


30m £15.00 Book now



20m £11.00 Book now

Eyebrows & Lip

30m £16.00 Book now


Full Body Tan

20m £19.99 Book now

Half Body Tan

15m £15.50 Book now

Legs Only Tan

10m £12.50 Book now



Course of 3 recommend for best results. 1st treatment £150 2nd treatment £100 3rd treatment £75.

1h 30m £150.00 Book now

Diana Microcurrent Toning Facial

Used to tone facial muscles.

1h £40.00 Book now


A deep exfoliation used to help with fine lines, scarring and pigmentation.

1h £40.00 Book now

DermaCo facial

1h £49.00 Book now

Dermaco pro + facial

1h 30m £65.00 Book now

Teen facial

45m £30.00 Book now

Epionce corrective chemical peel.

A stronger Peel than the light refresh. Suitable for all skin types Acne Acne scarring Roeasca Fine lines Blemishes Pigmentation

40m £69.00 Book now

Epionce Chemical refresh Peel

Fabulous light refresh peel by America’s no 1 facial products Epionce ! Fab for acne , fine lines pigmentation . Perfect for all skin types!!

40m £45.00 Book now


40m £25.00 Book now

PRP (vampire) facial

1h 20m £75.00 Book now

Dermaplanning & LED MASK

1h £35.00 Book now

Dermaplanning & Chemical peel

1h 15m £60.00 Book now


Express Facial

Customised treatment that includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, mask and moisturiser

30m £29.00 Book now

Prescriptive Facial

1h £39.00 Book now

Multivitamin Power Treatment

Course of 6: £185

1h £42.00 Book now



Suits all skin types and gives instant results. Deep cleanses and rehydrates the deeper layers of the skin and speeds up cellular renewal. Helps smooth out fine lines.

1h 15m £50.00 Book now

Hydradermie Plus

A special treatment for face, eyes and neck. A luxurious facial to smooth and revive fatigue around the eye, whilst firming and strengthening the delicate neck and decollete (new serenity massage-sheer bliss!)

1h 30m £70.00 Book now


Hot Stone Back Massage

30m £27.00 Book now

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage

30m £23.00 Book now

Full Body Massage

1h £39.00 Book now

Hot Stone 1 hr Massage

1h £43.00 Book now

Hot Stone Full Body Massage

1h 30m £53.00 Book now

Pregnancy Back Massage. After 1st trimester

30m £27.00 Book now

Pregnancy full body massage. After 1st trimester

1h £43.00 Book now



For Brows First Treatment

2h £150.00 Book now

Micro-Blading Top-Up

Top up/colour refresh

1h £75.00 Book now

Semi permanent tattoo

1st session or redo session to change/alter eyebrows

1h 30m £150.00 Book now

Semi permanent tattoo

Top up of tattoo with no changes.

1h £100.00 Book now


Cleanse and Make up

45m £30.00 Book now

Wedding Makeup & Trial

Two appointments needed. Book both.

1h £55.00 Book now


Red vein treatment for face or legs

5m £25.00 Book now
15m £40.00 Book now

Electrolysis 5 mins or less

5m £11.00 Book now

15 minutes

20m £15.00 Book now

20 minutes

25m £17.50 Book now

30 minutes

30m £20.00 Book now

Skin tag removal

5m £25.00 Book now
15m £40.00 Book now

Electrolysis 10 mins

10m £13.00 Book now


Weekend Party Package

Full body tan, temporary lashes & file and polish

1h 20m £40.00 Book now

Beach Babe

Half leg, bikini, underarm and eyebrow wax, eyelash tint and file and polish on toes.

1h 30m £48.00 Book now

Pamper Package

Dermalogica Facial, Manicure & Pedicure

2h 45m £70.00 Book now

Mum to Be Package

Luxury Pedicure, Indian Head Massage, eyelash tint and eyebrow wax

2h £60.00 Book now

Bridal Package

Bridal makeup (includes trial), Full Set of Nail Extensions, Dermalogica Facial, Mini Pedicure & Polish

4h £100.00 Book now

Formal Packages

Discounted rates on request

2h varies Book now


Back massage offer with Aimee

30m £15.00 Book now

Full body massage offer with Aimee

1h £25.00 Book now

Hot stone back massage Offer with Aimee

30m £17.00 Book now

Hot Stone full body massage offer with Aimee

1h £27.00 Book now

Pedicure with gel Polish Offer

1h £28.00 Book now

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  1. Claire avatar

    Claire M.

    Karen, like all the girls in Chic, is brilliant. The salon is so friendly and welcoming. I’m always pleased with the results. My brows have never looked better!

  2. Kerri avatar

    Kerri C.

    I’m so happy with my lashes! Karen always does an incredible job, makes me feel very at home and relaxed! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  3. Suzanne avatar

    Suzanne M.

    Had a lovely experience getting my nails done Tracey is a lovely girl and makes you feel very welcomed and I love my nails she’s very good at what she does defo recommend her to anyone, thank u Tracey your fab ❤️

  4. Rita avatar

    Rita J.

    Just had a hot stone massage with Karen this morning. Fantastic. Heaven for stressed muscles!

    Chic Beauty Clinic 01/10/2019

    So glad you enjoyed it Rita. X

  5. Clarissa avatar

    Clarissa B.

    Best I’ve had doing eyebrows

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