Glide Barbers London
Glide Barbers London
Glide Barbers London
Glide Barbers London
Glide Barbers London
Glide Barbers London
Glide Barbers London
Glide Barbers London

Britain’s best shaving barbers 2017. Having been successful in Surrey the award winning barbers comes to London offering all aspects of barbering.

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Beard trim

15m £10.00+ Book now


Best hot towel shave in Britain 2017 won by Elvis.

30m £20.00 Book now

Kids under 10

15m £15.00 Book now

Skin fade

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Reviews (8)

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  1. Ben avatar

    Ben C.

    Great location & service

  2. Povilas avatar

    Povilas N.

    This is absolutely horrendous! The place is filthy with hair covering all the surfaces and equipment. The seat I was invited to sit on was covered with hair too until I asked for it to be cleaned. The barber was a girl which supposedly came back after lunch and appeared to be clumsy, but giving it a second thought and the way she moved, she was either drunk or hungover. Quite frankly she didn't seem to know what she was doing. She used the wrong size trimmer than explicitly asked. I complained and asked to see the manager, but there was no one there and having one side of my beard already trimmed I had to stick with it. Then she tried to shave my neck with a trimmer, got me cut, desinfected it spilling the liquid all over (not using any cotton bud, just her bare fingers), covered me with some cream, thus making all the hair stick. Then decided to give me a head massage with her sticky hands to calm me down, thus making hair stick to my head. Once she finished she complained that this is her first day. I doubt she has trimmed anyone before. I am not paying for this!

    Glide Barbers London 30/09/2019

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience the other day in our barbershop but we all have bad days and like i explain it i wasn’t well that day and had to get someone to cover me and it turned out they weren’t good enough.

  3. Sean avatar

    Sean G.

    Friendly service, good haircut

  4. Tommy avatar

    Tommy N.

    Good cut. Friendly. Prompt

  5. Yannis avatar

    Yannis P.

    Very friendly barber Convenient location

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