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Crystal Clear

1h £45.00 Book now

0.5 ml

30m £100.00 Book now

1 ml

30m £150.00 Book now

Profhilo (2 treatments)

30m £475.00 Book now

Nose 1ml

30m £150.00 Book now

HD lips 1 ml

30m £150.00 Book now

Cheeks 2 ml

30m £200.00 Book now

Jaw line & Chin 3 ml

1h £300.00 Book now

Kylie package 4ml

1h £400.00 Book now

Kylie extra package 5 ml

1h £500.00 Book now

Fat dissolving

Fat dissolving injections (Aqualyx)

30m £99.00+ Book now

B12 Vitamins Shot

5m £30.00 Book now

Brown/ age spot

30m £15.00+ Book now

Carbon laser facial

1h £50.00 Book now

Nail fungal

30m £15.00+ Book now

Laser consultation

10m free Book now

Thread vein removal

45m £30.00+ Book now

Tattoo removal

30m £15.00+ Book now

Free top up

30m free Book now

Top up

30m £75.00 Book now

Correction work

30m £75.00+ Book now


1h £99.00 Book now


1h £150.00 Book now

Lip blush

1h £195.00 Book now

Facial Waxing/ Threading

10m £10.00 Book now

Lip Wax

5m £5.00 Book now

Chin Wax

5m £5.00 Book now

Classic lash infill

45m £15.00 Book now

Lash tint

15m £10.00 Book now

Russian lashes

1h £50.00 Book now

Mega Volume Lashes

1h 30m £60.00 Book now

30 mins infill

30m £20.00 Book now

45 mins infill

45m £25.00 Book now

Russian lashes (junior)

2h £35.00 Book now

Russian Lash Infill (junior)

1h 5m £15.00 Book now

Hybrid lashes

1h 30m £45.00 Book now

Hybrid lashes (junior)

2h 30m £30.00 Book now

Classic Lashes

1h 30m £30.00 Book now

Lash remover

30m £10.00 Book now

Weekend lash

30m £20.00 Book now

LVL (lash lift)

45m £25.00 Book now

Brow lamination

30m £30.00 Book now

Tint & shape

15m £15.00 Book now

Eyebrow wax

15m £10.00 Book now

Eyebrow Tint

15m £10.00 Book now

HD Brows

30m £25.00 Book now

1 Area

30m £120.00 Book now

2 Areas

30m £160.00 Book now

3 Areas

30m £180.00 Book now

Full set Acrylic Nails

1h £40.00 Book now

Full set acrylic nails

1h 30m £40.00 Book now

Acrylic Infill With Gel

45m £30.00 Book now

Acrylic infill with gels

1h £30.00 Book now

Acrylic On Natural Nails

1h £35.00 Book now

Bio Sculpture Gel overlays

45m £30.00 Book now

Bio Sculpture Gel infill

45m £20.00 Book now

Bio Gel Overlays With Removal

1h £30.00 Book now

Colour change

30m £15.00 Book now

Bio Gel Toes

30m £20.00 Book now

Soak off

30m £10.00 Book now

Consultation for hair extensions

10m free Book now

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Reviews (42)

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  1. Elisha avatar

    Elisha H.

    I absolutely love lashes by Alice she’s the best, she never ever fails. 100% recommend x

  2. Aimee avatar

    Aimee S.

    I had acrylic nails done for a wedding and i loved them! A few days later, a collegue made me have some doubts and as i had never had acrylics before i went in to have them checked the staff explained and put my mind at ease. On both visits everyone was friendly and professional but the after care and taking the time to explain things to me was excellent. Thank you so much!

  3. Louise avatar

    Louise M.

    The woman was lovely, and very gentle, great service and the atmosphere was pleasant, however my eyelashes started to fall off the same day getting them done. Thought I’d try lipstick lounge as it’s more closer to home than where I usually go, I won’t be going again if they don’t even last a day.

    Lipstick Lounge 12/11/2019

    Hi Louise, we are really sorry to hear this. Can you get back into the salon we’re one of us can sort them out for you free of charge. We don’t normally experience anything like this, and we would like to sort them out for you x

  4. Anita avatar

    Anita S.

    Always leave the salon loving my lashes, Alice is the best of the best! I’m never disappointed xx

  5. Sophie avatar

    Sophie .

    Great experience i was recommended by a friend as her lashes always looked amazing,i have been to Alice twice now and have had amazing results with russain lashes. I would highly recommend and i wont be going anywhere else from now on.

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