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Windsors leading boutique hair salon that provides an exclusive service and luxurious experience. 20% Off, new client Discount. redeemable on ladies and gents cut & colour services only.

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This Is A Client Notice So Please Do Not Book.

All New Colour clients must have a colour consultation prior to any colour service. You can complete this step via our FB page, Salon App or in salon. If you're Not having a Cut & Blowdry after your Colour then please select your Colour service from the 'Colour & Blowdry' category. Thank You.

5m   Book now

Colour Consultation

New client's having a colour service will need to complete a technical consultation either in the salon or via our FB page. Please send in at least 2 clear pictures of your current hair colour, in natural light and a couple of what it is you would like to achieve. If you would like to chat over the phone as your unsure then please book this consultation and request a "call back" in the Note to LC salon section, after you've confirmed your booking.

15m   Book now

BALMAIN (Extension Consultation)

Create the hair of your dreams!

15m   Book now

Ladies cut and blow dry

Ladies cut and blow dry

45m £45.00+ Book now

Mens cut and blow dry

Mens cut and blow dry

45m £30.00+ Book now

Blow dry

Party / events / or a treat

45m £25.00+ Book now

Dry styling

Curling, straightening or smoothing on dry hair.

45m £15.00+ Book now

Hair up

Party/ events / bridal

1h varies Book now

Fringe Trim

A quick tidy up for your grown out fringe. Complimentary for salon clients otherwise its a £5 charge

10m varies Book now

Regrowth/Full Head Colour & BDry

Semi/Permanent Colour service with an after colour blowdry.

2h £45.00+ Book now

Partial High.L & BDry

Highlighting service with an after colour blowdry

2h 5m £55.00+ Book now

T Section High.L & BDry

Highlighting service with an after colour blowdry

2h 20m £65.00+ Book now

Half Head High.L & BDry

Highlighting service with an after colour blowdry

2h 35m £75.00+ Book now

Full Head High.L & BDry

Highlighting service with an after colour blowdry

3h £85.00+ Book now

Ombrè & BDry

French for shadow, Ombre is a fashion colour that is darker on the top then graduated down to achieve lighter ends. After colour Blowdry included in the time.

2h 45m £80.00+ Book now

Ecaille & BDry

Ecaille is a fashion colour, French for tortoiseshell. This colour is similar to an Ombrè except it has a more natural blend from Dark to light and is connected through through the top and sides with babylights to give that more natural low maintenance look. After colour blowdry included in the time.

2h 30m £90.00+ Book now

Balayagè & BDry

Balayage, French for sweeping. This technique is used to achieve a more natural, sunkissed highlighted effect. After colour blowdry included in the time.

2h 45m £70.00+ Book now

Scalp Bleach & BDry

Full head of Prelightener (scalp application) e.g Platinum, with an after colour blowdry

3h £90.00+ Book now

Toner/Refresh & BD

1h £40.00+ Book now

Permanent Colour Regrowth/Refresh

Root coverage of permanent colour that can also be taken through to the mid lengths and ends for a full colour refresh.

30m £45.00+ Book now

Semi Gloss Colour Regrowth/Refresh

Root coverage of (Semi) Gloss colour that can also be taken through onto mid lengths and ends for a full colour refresh.

30m £45.00+ Book now

Men Homme

A natural colour service for men with white/Grey hair, blends in just 5 mins. Includes mens blowdry.

20m £20.00+ Book now

Parting Highlights

Foiled highlights, just through the parting

30m £55.00+ Book now

T Section Highlights

Foiled highlights, trough the parting and sides

45m £65.00+ Book now

Half head highlights

Foiled highlights, half of the head

1h £75.00+ Book now

Full head highlights

Foiled highlights, whole head

1h 15m £85.00+ Book now


Refreshing old colour or Re-Toning blonde

20m £25.00+ Book now

Full head pre lightener

Scalp bleach (platinum)

2h £80.00+ Book now


Natural, sweeping, freehand highlights. With Sun kissed effect

1h 15m £70.00+ Book now


Darker on the top and lighter at the bottom

1h 15m £80.00+ Book now


Darker on top, lighter down to the ends and connected through with some highlights for a softer more natural ombre effect

1h £90.00+ Book now

Colour Correction

To correct light to dark or dark to light hair colouring. This service can vary from 2-6 hours depending on the clients hair. £70 per hour.

1h £70.00+ Book now

Balmain Hair Extensions

Silk double hair to add length and thickness in 2hrs or System Volume which adds 60% more body and volume in just 30 minutes 😍

1h £90.00+ Book now


Treatment to restore hair elasticity and help reverse chemical and heat damage.

45m £30.00+ Book now

Olaplex & Blowdry Combo

1h 15m £50.00+ Book now

Creative perming

Perming the hair to with soft rollers to create a more natural beach wave look

2h £100.00 Book now

Brazillian Blowout

De-frizzes and de-volumises hair for up to 6 months! Rinse out the treatment the same day!

3h £150.00+ Book now

Aesthetic consultation

Meet Dr Goyal for a skin assessment and discussion your treatment requirements.

25m free Book now

Wrinkle relaxation injections

Facial botox injections for fine lines and wrinkles

25m £180.00+ Book now

Dermal fillers

Hyaluronic acid injection for volume replacement and facial rejuvenation

25m £350.00+ Book now

Chemical Skin Peel Consultation

Assessment for Chemical Skin Peel

30m free Book now

Obagi Blue Peel Radiance

Non-surgical superficial chemical peel

1h £120.00 Book now

Eyelash Serum Consultation

Assessment for thicker, darker and longer lashes.

25m free Book now

Follow-up appoinment.

Follow-up appointment usually 10-14 days after wrinkle relaxaing injections or dermal fillers.

25m free Book now

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  1. Thank you Louis and Amy. Always a wonderful experience and my hair is fabulous. See you again soon.

  2. Outstanding as always. Intuitive colour. Perfectly natural looking. Fabulous blow dry. Thanks Louis and Amy.

  3. Brilliant as always!

  4. This is the only salon i have come to where i feel comfortable enough to come back time and time again! Louis and Amy are amazing and have worked wonders with my hair! Incredible place and better staff! Highly recommended for everyone!

  5. I've been meaning to write a review for a while now as Louis & Amy are a great partnership, my hair has never looked or felt better! Louis has been colouring my hair on and off for years and friends always commented it was best when he did it. Being mainly grey/white since my 20's my hair is not the easiest to colour or style. However, I've been going to his salon since it opened and won't go anywhere else. My last visit 10 days ago is is a prime example of why I love going to them. After discussing colour with Louis he asked 'did I trust him?', 'TOTALLY!' was my response, and I love the result. Then chatting to Amy re how much to cut off I realised she knows more about what I like than I do! Again, I love the result. He and Amy are very professional, know what they are doing in that experienced way that allows them to create a relaxed and fun environment. They are always full of useful hints and tips on how to maintain your hair colour/cut. I love the fact that they keep themselves totally up to date on trends and the latest products. Thank you both X

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