Relax in harmony
Relax in harmony
Relax in harmony
Relax in harmony
Relax in harmony
Relax in harmony
Relax in harmony
Relax in harmony
Relax in harmony
Relax in harmony
Relax in harmony
Relax in harmony

Award winning, 30 years qualified,proudly offer you the most luxurious & relaxed treatments for many issues.

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Other services

Bridal hair &make up

1 trial hair up 1trial make up And then both on wedding day . Will travel to event with in 10 min drive from tn34 or extra charges may apply .

2h £200.00 Book now


Ko-bi-do Japanese Facial

Our signature treatment loved by many! Consists of a special tecnique to lift and tone the contours of your face creating a natural face lift and reducing your skin age by 2 years in just one session! Incl steamed aromatherapy oils, manuka honey and a spiritual phrenology scalp massage.

1h £60.00 Book now

Ko-bi-do delux

As Ko-bi-do but includes a 2nd masque and a japanese foot massage

1h 30m £80.00 Book now

Ko-bi- Gold

New ko-bi-gold combines 2 traditions the initial ko-bi-do and then 24ct gold infused with enriched collagen and caviar to diminish all signs of aging and plumps your skin to how it was in your teens amazing!

1h 30m £90.00 Book now

Men’s Energy Facial

A treatment designed specifically to meet the needs of men’s skin and rejuvenate the skin often irritated by the daily ritual of shaving.

1h £70.00 Book now

Timexpert Rides

Advance facial to reduce expression lines & wrinkles 98% of clients noticed a result in one session however a course of 5 is recommended.

1h 15m £75.00 Book now

Royal elixir

Ideal for tired and stressed skin , strengths smooths against daily aggression.

1h £65.00 Book now

Purexpert re-balance

Purifying facial to reduce oiliness and spots

1h £65.00 Book now

So Delicate sensitive skin

Natural facial to calm & correct

1h £65.00 Book now


30m £45.00 Book now
1h £80.00 Book now


Back facial- area often forgotten but always needs a relaxing cleanse,steam,exfoliate,blemishes cleared,massage,masque and moisturise

1h £70.00 Book now


Eye lash tint

25m £20.00 Book now

Eye brow tint

10m £8.00 Book now

24ct Gold eye pads only

30m £30.00 Book now

24ct eye pads with another treatment

15m £15.00 Book now

Luxury Eye Treatment Package

Enjoy a relaxing eye lash tint then the 24ct eye collagen pad is applied to remove fine lines and hydrate skin around the eye area whilst a light pressure point massage to upper face will help you to relax.

1h £50.00 Book now



30m £35.00 Book now


45m £45.00 Book now


1h £60.00 Book now


2h £100.00 Book now
1h 30m £80.00 Book now


Face up full body massage on a heated water bed , no turning over just lay back and relax

1h £70.00 Book now

Massage courses

30m   Book now
45m   Book now
1h   Book now
1h 30m   Book now
3h £150.00 Book now
4h £190.00 Book now

Course of 6 massage

1h 30m £400.00 Book now
1h £300.00 Book now


1h 30m £110.00 Book now

Ear candling (Perfect balance)

Ear candle is lit and placed in one ear at a time the warmth of the candle draws compacted wax from the inner ear and gives you a great feeling of balance and helps you to relax incl scalp massage to aid draining.

40m £40.00 Book now

Indian head massage

40m £40.00 Book now


Pressure points on your feet corresponding with your organs/joints/emotions in your body (40 mins) Add hand reflexology (1hr)

40m £40.00 Book now
1h £50.00 Book now

Opatra infra crystal

Improves Arthritis, improves skin tightening, stretch marks and improves scar tissue are just a few benefits of this magnificent machine

1h £70.00 Book now
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Hair Removal

Lip or chin wax

10m £5.00 Book now

Eyebrow wax/shape

20m £10.00 Book now

Snail trail

10m £6.00 Book now

Underarm wax

10m £8.00 Book now

Bikini line wax

15m £10.00 Book now

Brazillian wax

30m £18.00 Book now

Hollywood wax

'All off'

30m £22.00 Book now

Butt wax

10m £10.00 Book now

Half leg wax

30m £16.00 Book now

3/4 leg wax

30m £20.00 Book now

Full leg wax

45m £24.00 Book now


Using shortwave diathermy a sterilized vacuum packed needle is placed inside each hair follicle to remove the hair permanently with a course of treatment

15m £15.00 Book now


20m £20.00 Book now


30m £30.00 Book now


45m £45.00 Book now
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Advance Electrolysis

Red vein Removal course

30m   Book now
30m £150.00 Book now

Mole/wart Removal

45m £70.00 Book now

Skin tag/millia removal

30m £60.00 Book now

Slimming treatments

Universal contour wrap

Natural clay solution draws out toxins whilst wrapped up this compresses soft fatty tissues which creates instant inch loss and firming guarenteed min 6inchs lossed in first session or you dont pay a penny

2h £85.00 Book now

Part wrap

1h 15m £50.00 Book now

Half wrap (ucw)

Guarentee is for full wrap ! Half is usually thighs buttock tummy only

1h 30m £65.00 Book now

Ucw x3 full wrap

2h   Book now
2h £220.00 Book now

CO2 body Sculpting

Gel patches are placed directly on key problem areas of cellulite the pads give a boost of oxygen and micro circulation and strengthens skin cells . Inc massage

1h 15m £80.00 Book now

Faradic course

45m £250.00 Book now


Treatment of the Month

Each month there is a special package for you, see my web page to find out more

1h   Book now

Time out

1h £65.00 Book now

7th Heaven

Popular package Starting with a relaxing back massage and then continue to a ko-bi-do you will soon be in7th heaven!

1h 30m £87.00 Book now

Sleeping beauty

Massage, facial, Reflexology or phrenology relaxation is core!

2h £100.00 Book now


Valentines is just a few weeks away ... don’t panic ... we know a way to show your loved one how much you care... Valentine Package 1:- Starting with a mini facial, whilst laying on the heated water bed enjoy a foot massage with a toe nails polished, also includes a gift bag of goodies ..chocolate, champagne,strawberries and a single red rose 🌹

1h 30m £125.00 Book now

8th wonder

Full body exfoliation, shower,full body massage, chill time

3h £150.00 Book now

Birthday Treat

2h   Book now


Full body exfoliant, shower, full body massage incl reflexology to hands,feet and ears, relax, Ko-bi-do Facial and chill

4h £200.00 Book now
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Manicure & Pedicure

File and polish for toes or fingernails

20m £10.00 Book now

Mini Manicure

Includes cuticle tidy, hand and arm massage and polish

30m £35.00 Book now

Mini Pedicure

Includes cuticle tidy, hard skin buffed away , massage from knee to toes and polish to finish

45m £40.00 Book now

Luxury Manicure

Upgrade to Luxury and you will receive a wonderful hand reflexology enjoy heated mittens and receive a head massage

1h £50.00 Book now

Luxury Pedicure

Upgrade to Luxury and receive Reflexology, heated booties and neck and shoulder massage

1h 15m £60.00 Book now

Our work

Reviews (40)

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  1. Rebecca avatar

    Rebecca B.

    Had the ko-bi-do facial with Karen. It was very unique and super- relaxing. Karen is a very warm person and the facial was ...well, you will just have try it and see for yourself!

    Relax in harmony 19/07/2019

    Thankyou Rebecca for your review, glad you enjoyed the wonderful Ko-bi-do !

  2. Susan avatar

    Susan R.

    Excellent & professional massage from clearly an expert practitioner; also very warm, helpful and friendly

    Relax in harmony 29/06/2019

    Thankyou Goran hope to see you again and to meet Susan

  3. May avatar

    May H.

    Amazing massage, booked last minute! Genuinely one of the best massages I’ve had, I’ll be back soon! X

    Relax in harmony 28/06/2019

    Thankyou May was lovely to meet you

  4. Katrina avatar

    Katrina S.

    Another great massage, Karen knows exactly which bits to home in on! I may hurt in the morning, but can feel the tension leaving my body already - thank you, Karen!!

    Relax in harmony 07/06/2019

    Ahh Thank you your soon feel amazing I promise !

  5. Lesley avatar

    Lesley A.

    Karen is incredible . I reccomend her wholeheartedly.

    Relax in harmony 07/06/2019

    Thank you very much

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