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House of wellness UK
TLB fitness studio, 135-139 Victoria Road Netherfield, NG4 2PD, Nottingham
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House of wellness UK

TLB fitness studio, 135-139 Victoria Road Netherfield, NG4 2PD, Nottingham


    • Childs sports massage

      At house of wellness uk we understand the importance of sports massage for young athletes looking to improve performance, prevent injury and to maintain performance. *Adult must be present during treatment
      Childs sports massage portfolioChilds sports massage portfolioChilds sports massage portfolio
    • Intramuscular Vitamin B12 injection

      Vitamin B12 also known as cobalamin is particularly important in the normal functioning of the nervous system and in the development of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in the body, a deficiency can have serious health consequences. A low level of the vitamin can lead to serious health problems. Vitamin B12 is like the fuel supply to everything in your system. The benefits of b12 injection are Improved deep sleep Mental clarity Balanced immune system Helps to fight off viruses and infections Reduces depression, cognitive decline and dementia Supports hormone balance Lowers fatigue and lethargy Improves metabolism Protects the heart against heart attacks, strokes, and coronary heart disease Improves low sperm count Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin, when injected into the muscle, passes quickly and easily into the bloodstream Every 4 weeks then quarterly £25 first shot £20 after
      Intramuscular Vitamin  B12 injection portfolioIntramuscular Vitamin  B12 injection portfolio
    • Intramuscular Vitamin C injection

      Vitamin C injections are a great immune booster, it is a remarkable way to help and enhance the immune system and act as an anti-viral and anti-oxidant. Sadly our body does not produce vitamin C which means that we need to source it from our diets. Vitamin C is an essential dietary nutrient and if deficient has serious health implications. Vitamin c injections have the following benefits Acts as an antioxidant Protects against free radicals Production of anti stress hormones Promotes growth & health of bones, teeth, gums, ligaments, Formation of collagen Heals wounds & burns Increases metabolism Decreases blood cholesterol Protects against many forms of cancer Lowers blood pressure Reduces the risk of strokes Reduces the onset of ageing skin Reduces tiredness and fatigue Unlike oral intake, injecting vitamin C results in higher absorption rates as it is immediately delivered into the blood stream. 85 % vitamin C taken orally is said to be lost through the lymphatic system
      Intramuscular Vitamin C injection portfolioIntramuscular Vitamin C injection portfolio
    • Intramuscular Vitamin D injection

      Vitamin D deficiency causes muscle weakness, tiredness, and bone pain. In extreme cases, a lack of vitamin D can impair bone growth, causing disease of brittle or painful bones such as Ricketts in children and osteoporosis in adults. Reasearch has also proved that low levels of vitamin D may contribute to low levels of testosterone. Our vitamin D injection provides the equivalent of 300,000IU A recent blood test will be requested to show that you require the booster or alternatively we can arrange a blood test to test for the deficiency ( at a cost of £55) The body naturally produces vitamin d however as we age and lack of sun, our levels decline. Benefits of vitamin d injections are Reduces aches and pains Helps with chronic fatigue Helps with osteoporosis Improved immune system Prevents against cancer Regulates blood pressure Reduces risk of developing coronary heart disease Helps treatment of skin conditions like psoriasis Boost mood and helps treat depression Reduces risk of neurological disorders such as MS, Parkinson's, Autism & Alzheimer's
      Intramuscular Vitamin D injection portfolio
    • Vitamin B12, Vit C & D injection combo

      We offer a discount on the combined vitamin therapy trio this includes vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin D
      Vitamin B12, Vit C & D injection combo portfolio
    • Intramuscular Fat booster injection

      Give your workout the ultimate kick start !!!! Our intramuscular injection is a powerful combination of lipotropic amino acids that helps catalyse the breakdown of stubborn fat in the body. A great way to aid with weight loss in combination with a healthy lifestyle. This shot should be used as a supplement to weight loss and as part of a course of shots. This injection is used for an immediate boost in energy and to aid in weight loss. whilst also support immune system function, cell growth, metabolic function and nervous system function.
      Intramuscular Fat booster injection portfolio
    • Womens Wellness advanced blood test

      We offer private blood tests and result analysis, this is a great starting point to discover and understand any underlying issues with your health This test is private and confidential In this test we are specifically looking at biomarkers related to women health and including testing the following Blood pressure, ECG, lung function, testosterone, free testosterone, Estrogen, Progestrone, Dhea, FSH, LH, TSH, FT4, Biochemistry analysis, Lipids, Cortisol, magnesium, Ferritin, Vit D ALT, Calcium, Vitamin B12, Kidney analysis, Liver analysis, bone screening, thyroid, You will get a report which is assessed by experienced medical professionals followed by a phone call to explain your results and to advise of any treatments, specialist you should consider. These test are all in confidence and nothing goes on your medical record We can also offer bespoke testing, in which blood test can be arranged depending on your health issues and concerns
      Womens Wellness advanced blood test portfolio
    • Biotin Intramuscular Injection

      Our biotin intramuscular shot is used asa supplement to help strengthen hair, nails and skin as well as boost the immune function and aids with weight loss Biotin also known as vitamin H is known for its ability to make hair strong and shiny, prevent hair loss and also strengthen brittle nails. It is also an essential component in helping the body convert food into energy and helping to metabolise fats and proteins. There’s also evidence that Biotin keeps the nervous system healthy.
      Biotin Intramuscular Injection portfolio
    • Biotin course x 4

      Biotin course x 4 portfolio
    • Sports performance blood testing

      We carry out Blood work for performance athletes and steroid users, we do not condone the use of performance enhancing drugs or anabolic steroids however we do offer a confidential blood work service to performance athletes and bodybuilders We are not here to judge, we are here to keep you healthy. Regardless of whether you are starting a cycle or mid way or coming off, our role is to help keep you safe and healthy. We can do bespoke blood work and tailor accordingly to your requirements All blood work carried out is confidential 75 bio markers tested, blood pressure, ECG, lung function, SPO2, urine analysis, red & white blood cell analysis, cholesterol analysis, liver & kidney analysis, biochemistry analysis, hormones analysis, thyroid analysis, vitamin analysis, inflammatory markers & psa function (men)
      Sports performance blood testing portfolio
    • Antioxidant intramuscular injection

      Our Glutathione intramuscular injection is a potent antioxidant used by the body to help remove free radicals and toxins. Patients have reported increased energy, stamina as well as clearer brighter, lighter skin as well as a stronger immune system. Unfortunately the levels of Glutathione decrease due to poor nutrition, environmental toxins, stress and ageing. That’s why it is a good idea to top up your level with a booster shot.
      Antioxidant intramuscular injection portfolio
    • Mens wellness blood testing

      We offer private blood tests and result analysis, this is a great starting point to discover and understand any underlying issues with your health This test is private and confidential In this test we are specifically looking at biomarkers related to mens health and including testing the following Blood pressure, ECG, lung function, SpO2, urine analysis, Red & White blood cell analysis, Cholesterol Analysis, Liver & Kidney analysis, Biochemistry Analysis, Hormone analysis, Thyroid Analysis, Vitamin Analysis, Inflammatory Analysis and P
      Mens wellness blood testing portfolio
    • B12 Top up ( existing clients only)

      B12 too you booster for existing clients who have previously had a B12 shot
      B12 Top up ( existing clients only) portfolio
    • Adult sports massage

      Adult sports massage portfolio
    • Vitamin & Mineral blood tests

      Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients you need in tiny amounts, if you don’t get enough of these it can lead to a nutrient deficiency. A blood test can be done to diagnose a deficiency. Vitamins and minerals are types of micronutrients - something your body needs in tiny amounts , they influence nearly every process in your body and are essential for your health. As there’s such a wide range of vitamins and minerals , the symptoms of a deficiency can vary. Here are some of the vitamin and deficiencies outlined below Iron deficiency Feel weak Feel tired Feel dizzy Feel short of breath Get heart palpitations Get headaches Vitamin D deficiency Feel tired Get sick often Weak bones Muscle pain Feel anxious or depressed Folate (vitamin B9) deficiency Feel tired Feel weak Feel short of breath Heart palpitations Get headaches Feel irritable Have difficulty concentrating Vitamin B12 Feel extremely tired Feel weak Get pins & needles Get mouth ulcers Swollen & sore tongue Blurry vision Difficulty remembering things Feel depressed
      Vitamin & Mineral blood tests portfolio
    • PRP Hair Restoration

      PRP Hair treatment also known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) aims to strengthen your hair follicles . This treatment is proven and tested to help in one’s hair loss and hair thinning. PRP Hair treatment stimulates fast hair growth, the procedure starts with extracting a small amount of blood from the patient ( less than 50ml) The extracted blood is then placed in a centrifugal machine which detaches the platelet-rich plasma from the blood. The extracted PRP utilisations using the DNA activators. Once the process is done it is injected into the area that is in need of hair loss treatment. The patient will need to undergo an assessment before undergoing the PRP method. This method is performed for 3-4 months ( once per month) depending on how the patient reacts with the procedure. You can expect shredding after the method but expect hair regrowth after a short period of time.
      PRP Hair Restoration portfolioPRP Hair Restoration portfolio
    • Vita boost (skinny jab)


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60 min sports massage appointment
by Sarah Macrae
I’ve had 2 massages now. And wow the different I feel after is amazing. Definitely recommend.
B12 injections
by Sarah Macrae
Fully recommend the services of Sarah and House of Muscle Therapy. I have already started enquiring about other services on offer. Easy to book, flexi...ble, relaxing atmosphere and really knowledgeable on ensuring treatments are matched to individual needs. Show more