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As the Scottish capital city, Edinburgh has plenty to offer when it comes to day spa treatments. Whether you are looking for a massage, an eyebrow treatment, an anti-wrinkle treatment or simply to pamper yourself, then this city has lots of options available to you. Book a day spa appointment online in Edinburgh With Booksy, it is easy to book day spa places nearby in Edinburgh. You can find appointments for your preferred day spa in Edinburgh online via our webpage or our app. Simply select 'day spa' from the menu options and search geographically under 'Edinburgh'. Then you can filter your results by whichever treatments you are most interested thanks to with Booksy's recommended options. Of course, if want spa places nearby, then it is also simple to switch to a map-based search and hone in on the most local day spas in the city to your current location. What could be more straightforward when seeking out a suitable day spa in Edinburgh? Not sure? What does a day spa do? Day spas differ from residential spas insofar as they offer treatments for people who will not be staying overnight. Nevertheless, they can attached to hotels or be entirely independent of them. The point is that you can book yourself in for a beauty treatment or two during the day and leave when you are ready. As well as offering a wide range of beauty treatments, day spas tend to offer therapeutic treatments, as well, such as massages. Some will also offer water-based therapies and have swimming pools but this is not always the case in city-based day spas, such as those in Edinburgh. Typically, customers head to them for some pampering and relaxation to go alongside their chosen treatment(s). Some, although not all, provide alternative therapies, such as cupping, aromatherapy, reiki or acupuncture, to name but a few. How to choose the best day spa in Edinburgh Even if you are an Edinburgh resident rather than just visiting the city, knowing which day spa to choose can be tricky. This is why Booksy offers plenty of information that you can draw upon to help you make a better-informed decision. For example, it is easy to sort for day spas according to the review ratings that have been left by other users. Each day spa will be rated when you see it on your results page. What's more, Booksy gives you the total number of reviews so you can judge for yourself whether or not their rating comes from a reasonable sample of different customers. This way it is possible to create a valuable and reliable list of day spa providers in Edinburgh you can refer to. How much does a day spa cost? Day spa places nearby will vary in price greatly. Bear in mind that this is not necessarily because one day spa is more expensive to book than the next but because the price of treatments can be so different. For example, in Edinburgh, a henna brow and precision waxing treatment would set you back around £25 but a lip filler or microblading treatment is likely to be several times that cost. So, you need to compare like-for-like treatments when comparing costs. How to find a day spa open now Booksy makes it simply to find day spa places nearby in Edinburgh which are available right now. Simply input your preferred time and date and ask the search engine to filter your results based on current availability. Alternatively, you can set a time slot in the future and search that way. Cheap day spas in Edinburgh For some users, it is all about getting the best value for money. That's why, with Booksy, you can also filter your search to see the cheapest treatments on offer. If you select a particular day spa to compare their treatment prices, then check out the handy offers area where you can see if there are any treatments currently available with promotional discounts. Day spas near you When you have entered your preferred location and service type, Booksy will offer you all the results in your chosen location that are relevant. To refine your search further, you can select the map view and look for those that are closest. Alternatively, enter a postcode instead of a city name for a set of localised results.