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As the Welsh capital, Cardiff has some of the greatest amount of choice with day spas of anywhere in the country. If you are looking for day spa places nearby in Cardiff, then Booksy has all of the information you will need to find a treatment and an available booking slot. Simply search for one close to you and confirm your appointment in one go! Book a day spa appointment online in Cardiff With Booksy, finding a day spa in Cardiff with availability is simplicity itself. Just enter your location as Cardiff and select 'day spa'. All of the days spas in the city will appear on your device's screen for you to look at. Either select a service provider to find out more about them or check out some of the most popular services on offer, such as derma-planing, eyebrow waxing or facial treatments. Select 'Book' to reserve your appointment. By default, you will see day spas in Cardiff according to Booksy's recommendations but you can alter this to see them listed according to their review ratings if you want. This is the case whether you use our app or search with us online. Not sure what a day spa offers? Generally speaking, day spas offer their clients individual treatments rather than a package that includes accommodation. They are unlike spa resorts in this regard. A typical day spa will take multiple appointments for various treatments, so you can stay there all day if you wish to. Most offer a blend of beauty treatments, such as skin exfoliation, for example, as well as relaxing therapies, like massages. You can also find some that offer so-called complementary therapies, like aromatherapy, for instance. How do you choose the best day spa in Cardiff? As previously mentioned, Booksy offers a handy rating and review feature. This means you can easily see which day spas in the city have received the best commendations from other Booksy users and which have not. That's a good thing if you are new to the city and want to book day places nearby with greater confidence. There again, you can always select a particular day spa and read the reviews Booksy users have left for it to get an even better-informed picture of their service. How much does a day spa cost? Thanks to Booksy's transparently displayed pricing, you can see which day spa places nearby in Cardiff will set you back the most and which are more cost-effective options. A typical 15-minute eyebrow treatment will cost between £6 and £10 in the city. If you want a gel nail treatment, then expect this to cost £20 or more. As you can see, there is no set pricing for a day spa in Cardiff. The price you pay will vary according to the type of service you want and how long the treatment will take to deliver. How can you find a day spa open now? Booksy makes it easy to track down day spa places nearby that you can book immediately. You can always check out the opening hours for any day spa you find. Alternatively, enter your preferred time for a treatment with the current date and time and Booksy will present you with all of the treatments - and the day spas offering them - in the immediate future. Cheap day spas in Cardiff Some Booksy users would like to book treatments without breaking the bank or, at least, without going over their budget. Helpfully, you will get an indication of how much a day spa charges in the city from three typical treatments you will see on your search results page. If you select a day spa to investigate it further, then you will be able to view its full price list as well as any special offers that may be available. Day spas near me Booksy has a useful 'search near me' button which means you can find day spa places nearby without needing to figure out where in the city service providers happen to be. You can also use the map view either online or with our app to look for day spas in a particular district of Cardiff. This way, you can always track down day spas where you are right now or where you might plan to be later in the day.