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Churchdown, England

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  • The Pamper Hut

    689 m 58 Orchard Way, GL3 2AW, Churchdown, England

    Biab Gel Nails (with colour)


    Biab Gel Nails Removal & Reapply

    1h 30min

    Biab gel nails (plain)

  • Beauty To You

    1.2 mi 15 Penny Close, GL2 0NP, Gloucester

    Gel Nails

    Nails are filed and shapped, full cuticle work. Gel colour of your choice applied. Up to two different nail colours included in this treatment option. Cuticle oil and hand cream to finish. Please select nail art option for more colours, free hand nail art, glitters foils and much more.

    Patch test and consultation

    Consultation and or a patch test. A patch test is when a small amount of product is put on your body. This is so we can identify any allergies before you’re fully exposed to the product. Due to the area tested being so small, if you were to react to the patch test then all you should experience is redness and slight irritation of the skin – this tells us you’re not suitable for the particular treatment tested for. There’s no guarantee about how your body will react to any product which is why a patch test is so important – our bodies can develop new allergies at any time.

    Nail repair/ replacement

    Accidents happen even though I use the th highest quality The Gel Bottle products it happens. Please book this appointment for any nail repairs or replacements. Jewels not tools ❤️
  • Lash & Nails by Magda

    18.2 mi 16 Beauty Bank, WR11 3JA, Evesham

    Infill Gel Nails

    Gel nails are made on a paper form and extended according to the quality of the natural nail plate. I try to give a shape that matches the given shape of the natural tile so that the client is satisfied and looks the most natural.
    1h 45min

    Hybrid Nails

    Hybrid styling consists in developing cuticles, selecting the color and strengthening the natural nail with a protein-based base. at the end of styling, I wipe off the oil and apply a hand cream with a gentle massage. the cost of the service will vary depending on the decorations and styling complexity.
    1h 30min

    Gel Nail Extensions

    This service consists in developing the skins and supplementing the gel mass and developing or changing the shape. replenishment should be done after 4 weeks maximum. The final price depends on the final effect of the decoration.
    1h 45min