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    Hair Extensions are priced on quotation, Please Contact for more information.
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    Before the consultation, I will first contact you for an initial discussion of how the service is performed. I will warn you about possible risks and inform you about the rules of qualification for the procedure. During the consultation, first of all, we'll talk about your expectations and hair extension methods and we'll choose the right one for you. We select the appropriate colors of the hair extensions attached to your natural hair. I'll do everything to keep you satisfied. After the consultation is finished and you decide to book a hair extension treatment, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable prepayment of £100.

    Tape-on Extensions Special Promotion

    Please note a consultation is required prior to booking this service. Tape-on extensions are the safest extensions you can get. With tape on hair extensions you will not lose hair or experience any discomfort. Tape-on ​​hair extensions involve sticking strands of hair on a few centimeters double tape. The strand is attached to the natural hair at the very hairline, right next to the skin. The hairstyle is very natural because the tape is transparent and very light. The hair does not become tangled and does not stand out. You can wear them for 4–6 weeks, but some people keep them in for up to eight. The hair can be reused if you remove the adhesive and apply new adhesive strips to the hair wefts, so they do not lose length when reapplied. Lengths: from 16" to 26". I only work with 100% human hair extensions that I have previously tested on myself.
    1h 30min
    Lenght 16"
    1h 40min
    Lenght 20"
    1h 50min
    Lenght 24"
    1h 55min
    Lenght 26"

    Extensions with You Providing the Hair

    I can also do the hair extensions when you choose and buy hair extensions. In this case, there is no guarantee on the hair and I cannot say how long you will be able to wear this hair. You also need to make sure that the number of grams of hair you buy will be sufficient for you.