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Haircut in Sheffield

In our busy modern world, it's easy to take haircuts for granted. However, hair is one of the most important parts of fashion, allowing anyone to drastically change their look without having to buy new clothes or accessories.

In a city like Sheffield, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of haircut places available. If you're someone not so familiar with the world of hair artistry, it can be difficult to figure out which haircut place is right for you.

This is where we come in. We've created a guide to answer any questions you have about haircuts and how you can book your next appointment with Booksy!

Is it possible to book a haircut appointment online in Sheffield?

Absolutely! With Booksy, you can book haircut appointments online in just a few clicks. After finding the perfect haircut place through Booksy's search option, simply select the type of haircut you want and check out! Booksy is available on any device that supports an internet connection, so all you have to do is go to the website in a browser or use the official Booksy app!

What do haircut specialists do?

Haircut specialists are artists that help their clients have the haircut of their dreams. Hair is a unique part of how you can express yourself, so haircut specialists take this process very seriously and emphasise making their clients feel as comfortable as possible. If you have a specific cut in mind, you should bring a reference photo so your specialist can replicate it. If you don't know exactly what you want, you can ask your hair specialist for their recommendations!

How do I choose the best haircut place in Sheffield?

At the end of the day, the best haircut place for you will be the one that provides the services you want. To make sure you find a place that's a good fit, we recommend using the "Recommended by Booksy" or the "Top Reviewed" filters to figure out which salons are acclaimed. You can also check the list of services offered to make sure that the salon you're looking at can give you the exact type of haircut that you want.

How much do haircuts usually cost?

How much you should budget for a haircut depends on the type of haircut you want and how much you are willing to splurge. For example, a standard haircut will usually be around £20, but those who also want a beard trim can expect to pay around £30. On the other hand, if you want more specialised service or for the stylist to match your haircut to a reference photo, they might charge more. In addition to this, some haircut places offer full service experiences that include a haircut, shampoo and sometimes even complimentary tea! For those more luxurious experiences, you should expect to spend at least £40.

One of the benefits of using Booksy is that when you book your appointment, you also select what you're ordering and what price you're paying for it. This allows you to be informed throughout the entire process and avoid any surprise charges at the end of your appointment.

How do I find day haircut places that are open now?

Booksy's search engine makes it easier than ever to find haircut places that are open just when you need them. To do so, simply enter in the date and time of day that you would like to book an appointment for. This can be tailored to show you results that are open when you are searching, but it can also be used to plan appointments in advance.

Cheap Haircut Places in Sheffield

If you're on a budget, Booksy's search engine allows you to sort by price to find affordable haircut places. When searching by price, we recommend also using Booksy's "Top Reviewed" filter to find places that have positive customer testimonials.

Where do I find haircuts nearby?

Booksy's search engine has a function that allows you to search by address, city or current location. To use this function, simply enter in your address or turn on location services on your device. After initiating the search, Booksy will carefully curate a list of the city's best haircut places near you!