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  • ELL’s Groomers

    2.6 mi Cockspur Street, L3 6BB, Liverpool

    Full Grooms For Short Coated Breeds

    Full de-shed, Double wash with shampoo, Body massage with conditioner, Dried, Eyes & ear cleaning, Nail clip and finishing perfume
    + 3 more options

    Full Grooms For Long Coated Dogs

    Full brush & comb out, Clipped or scissored to breed standard or owners cut request, Double wash with shampoo Body massage with conditioner, Dried, Eyes & ear cleaning (plucked on request) Nail clip, Finishing cut and Finishing perfume
    + 4 more options

    Puppy Groom

    Full brush & comb out, Shampoo & conditioner, Dried, Nail Trimming, Eyes & ear cleaning and Finishing perfume
    1h 30min

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