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  • TheRackhameffect Massage and Scar Therapy

    1.2 mi 248 Innsworth Lane, GL3 1EB, Gloucester

    Sports Massage Consultation & Treatment

    Sports Massage is not just for athletes. Anyone can benefit from the vast array of techniques designed to bring changes to the tissue, release tension and pain. It’s not about tolerating treatment as I work closely with every client to make sure pressure and depth of techniques is welcomed. Working with you to assess areas of concern we then build a picture of what needs to be worked on and there is always homework, mainly for weaker areas away from your pain. As the majority of the route cause is further away from the pain. If we only treat the symptoms we will never get to the route cause.

    Follow Up Sports Massage Treatment

    Follow up sessions at for maintenance but also for reassessing weak areas, extending strength and stretch programmes.

    Scarwork Follow Up

    ScarWork therapy for any follow up sessions are designed at continuing to listen to how the body responds. Sessions may become less frequent as the tissue starts to settle and movement becomes better.