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Basingstoke, England

Physical Therapy in Basingstoke, England (3)

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  • DM Fitness

    11.5 mi Anytime Fitness, GU51 3LA, Fleet

    Full Body MOT

    A Full body MOT will give you a full assessment starting from the bottom up and focusing on all main moving joints & muscles. You’ll receive extensive feedback on your current functioning capabilities along with answers to your current injuries and movement restrictions.
    1h 30min

    Drop in Coaching

    1-1 coaching session to come and fine tune those movement patterns, work on weaknesses and learn new movements to add to your training portfolio!

    Zoom Coaching

    Private 1-1 suited to your specific needs anytime-anywhere, this premium coaching service is suited best to those who have a home gym or a gym when travelling with the availability of a good internet connection.
  • Pause Wellbeing Sports Massage

    13.7 mi 10 Borellis Yard, GU9 7NU, Farnham, England

    Free Consultation (at the studio)

    If you feel more than one of our services may be helpful to you and you want to come in to see the studio and have a chat, feel free to book a free consultation slot

    Personal Training

    Our studio is big enough for one to one personal training. You will mostly be doing bodyweight movements with the use of some functional equipment (kettlebells, medballs, etc). Focus can be anything from strength, core or even posture work.

    Sports Massage Full Body MOT

    This service gives us the chance to check over your body as a whole
  • SP Fitness| PT, Sports Massage & Runright Runners Club

    14.0 mi Address confirmed on booking, RG30 2UF, Reading

    Runright Runners Club

    Tuesdays 6:30-7:30, Prospect park RG30 2ND. Running drills, hills and intervals. Sessions are designed for all abilities with a combitation of running drills, intervals, fartlek and hills. All sessions are on a small set route or timed based so nobody will get left behind or feel left out.

    Full Body Sports Massage

    Full body sports massage with medium to deep pressure focusing on generally tightness in the full body. Ideal for anybody experiencing body aches and pains throughout the body.
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    Targeted Sports massage

    Targeted massage on area of tightness or injury. ideal for anybody suffering with a specfic pain or tightness in an area.
    30 minutes
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