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Podiatry is the treatment for many foot, ankle and leg issues. That could be for recovery from an injury or to treat chronic conditions. A podiatrist may offer rehab services, but they can also perform surgery if it's necessary for your feet. There are many podiatrists in Manchester, so how do you choose the right one? And how do you know they are taking new patients? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about finding podiatry in Manchester. Book a Podiatry Appointment Online in Manchester One of the easiest ways to find a podiatry clinic near you is to use Booksy. It's never been so easy to find a local podiatrist and book your appointment with one easy app. Simply do a search for podiatry in Manchester and you'll have access to a range of options. Read about your choices and then when you've made your selection, go ahead and book your appointment directly through Booksy.com without having to leave the app/website. Not Sure What a Podiatrist Does? A doctor of podiatric medicine, or DPM, specialises in the care of your feet, ankles and related leg structures. Your feet are pretty important as they stabilise the body, optimise balance and allow you to move from place to place. Taking good care of your feet keeps them healthy, but also translates to better health throughout your body. When your legs or feet are injured or you suffer from certain health issues, seeing a podiatrist can help control symptoms and restore function. Some conditions they treat include the following: ● Fractures ● Sprains ● Diabetes ● Toenail disorders (fungus, chilblains, ingrowing nails) ● Hammertoe ● Bunions ● Arthritis ● Pain ● Neuroma How to Choose the Best Podiatrist in Manchester One of the most important things to keep in mind when you're looking for podiatrists nearby in Manchester is to find one who is trained and experienced. As with any kind of medicine, the podiatrist you choose should be licensed. This tells you that he or she went through an appropriate education program to learn the practice. This usually involves four years of undergraduate studies, followed by a medical school program. Podiatry is a medical profession just like nursing, GPs and hospital doctors and practitioners need to be qualified and operate by the governance of their profession. Your podiatrist should also have experience treating your specific condition. Be sure to ask about this information before you book your appointment. Customer service is also important so be sure you feel comfortable with the clinic and doctor you choose. Use Booksy to sort your results. You can do this according to reviews by former patients. This gives you a lot of information about which podiatrists might be a good choice for you. If others are happy with their care and the service provided, chances are that you will be too. How Much Does Podiatry Cost? The exact cost of your podiatry treatment is dependent on a few factors. That includes the specific treatment you receive, how long it takes and the kind of insurance that you have. Many clinics are registered with private medical insurers and many healthcare cash plans. Some may also work with lawyers if you're seeking treatment as part of a personal injury claim. A general appointment will cost approximately £30 to £45. If you need surgery, the price could get close to £400. When you choose a podiatrist, talk about the cost so that you know what to expect. How to Find Podiatrists Open Now All podiatrists have their own business operating hours. Some may even offer extended hours for evenings or weekends. Use Booksy to sort podiatrists by operating hours to make it easy to find one near you that can accommodate your schedule. You can find this information on the business pages of the Booky website. Cheap Podiatrist in Manchester Another great way to use our sorting technology is to sort by price. Simply search for podiatrists near you, then click on the box that matches your budget. The app will present you with a list of podiatrists that fall within that price range. This enables you to find a quality specialist at a price you can afford. Podiatrist Specialist Near You Booksy is easy to use. Simply type in the service or product you're looking for and your location. You'll get a list of podiatrists near your home. You can refine your search further by cost, rating, customer reviews, location and Booksy recommendations. This makes it simple to find exactly what you're looking for with one easy to use app that works on all browsers. Then it's as easy as making an appointment when your schedule allows.