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South Godstone, England

Psychotherapy in South Godstone, England (2)

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  • Dave Taylor - Deep Tissue Theraputic Massage - Sutton Clinic

    11.6 mi 55 Carshalton Road, SM1 4LH, Sutton, Sutton

    Raynor Massage - Introductory Offer

    This is a great, cost-effective way to experience Raynor Massage. The session lasts for one (or two hours) and includes completion and analysis of a Health questionnaire with a consultation to explain your individual needs and explain further the Raynor Massage process. Usually this will be around 15 minutes consultation and 45 minutes (or 1 hour and 45 minutes) of massage treatment. The consultation time can vary depending on the clients circumstances.
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    Raynor Massage - Returning Clients

    This is for return clients that have had the Introductory Session and are looking for further treatment.
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    Pregnancy Massage - One Hour

    Pregnancy Massage can be hugely beneficial to expectant Mums. It’s common to view massage as an indulgent luxury when really the benefits are very real, helping to combat the particular aches, swelling and discomfort that pregnancy can bring. Raynor Massage has just one goal, which is to find tension in the body and get rid of it. Reducing tension is crucial for pregnant women and with just some slight adaptation the techniques of Raynor Massage can be used, providing great results during pregnancy.
  • Traveling service

    Barber Ravi

    24.4 mi Barber_ravi, Dagenham


    Level 1 and above fade. Facesteam and enhancements included if required
    1h 30min


    Face steam and enhancements included if required.


    This service is for- before 10am(BEFORE HOUR) & after 9pm(AFTERHOURS) please contact directly by messaging 07538132825. I WILL REPLY SOON AS POSSIBLE