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    1.7 mi 583 Lisburn Road, BT9 7GS, Belfast

    Traditional flash Tattoo (you get what you get) no


    Introductory Promotion full Day (new clients only)

    This promotion is for new clients only, and is valid to purchase before 30th December 2022
  • The Brow Craft - Brow Bar & Beauty Clinic

    5.5 mi 24 Cherryvale Park, BT36 7UQ, Newtownabbey

    Lip blush tattoo

    Lip blush is semi permanent tattoo for your lips 💋 on offer for £170 with free top up


    1h 30min


    1h 30min
  • Beauty Room

    11.4 mi Ballycorr Mews, Ballyclare

    Powder Brows Tattoo

    Powder Brows Tattoo 🎀 PERMANENT MAKEUP 🎀 ▶ ️ Powder Method ⬇️ 👉 Contraindications for permanent makeup are: diabetes, pregnant and breast-feeding, infection, psoriasis, receiving steroids, hepatitis, HIV, active herpes, cancer, fresh scars, botox / hyaluronic acid (permanent make-up can be made min. after 4 weeks w / w treatment) corneal and retinal disease, epilepsy. ✅ week before the procedure do not perform exfoliation treatments microdermabrasion, chemical peels and acids. ✅ day before the procedure is not recommended: Taking ibuprofen, aspirin, alcohol Do not perform peeling facial or eyebrow area ! ️ NOT sunbathing! ️
    Save up to 50%
    1h 30min
    To UP after 4 or 5 weeks
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    Cold Liposuction Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis

    Slimming SPA -30% OFF 3 or 4 Cups Special CO2-treated Face and neck treatment Carboksytherapy needle-free Or Double Chin Slimming SPA -40% OFF 3 or 4 Cups Nice Face care treatment including serum and algy mask
    Save up to 45%
    £70.00+ £38.50+
    ●1 Cup £70 ●2 Cups £140
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    ❤ My Dear's ✔ I have prepared Promotional options for the Cryolipolysis treatment, where you can use the treatment package at a convenient price I would like to remind you that the price for 1 Cup (i.e. 1st place) is £70 Since the procedure works locally and it is a 1 session, not a Series, it is worth using the Cups in several places when performing the abdominal part. The proposed number of Cups is 4 pcs for one session, which is the maximum I suggest. This amount will include, for example, the abdomen and sides. If we want to focus on the thighs or arms, you can use 1 pc for each batch and in this way we get our Package of 4 Cups. This is for example 🥰 I propose a great 3 offers: 1st OFFER: - 40% The offer includes 4 Cups and a face or double chin treatment (small cup reducing the chin) £170 2nd OFFER: -50% 4 Cups (no additional treatments) £140 THIS PRICE HAS NO LONGER BEEN‼ ️ 🧷ADDITIONALLY, IF THERE WILL BE MIN. 2 BOOKINGS PER DAY (2 OR 3 PEOPLE TOGETHER) PRICE -50% AND DOUBLE CHIN OR FACIAL TREATMENT FOR FREE ❤😍🎉🥰🔥 🌈And THIS IS THE 3rd OFFER🎉
    1 Cup
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