The Ivy Wellness and beauty salon

We have created a new and exciting wellness and Beauty Salon in Newtown Waterford. Where the infusion of holistics meets aesthetics and the old and new combine.

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Spray Tan Crazy Angel

Our crazy angel tan comes in 3 shades. brilliant long lasting tan, leaving people wondering if you have just returned from holiday. Patch test required 24 hours prior to appointment.

20m €20.00 Book now

Spray Tan.. Bellamianta tan.

Bellamianta tan, made famous by the blogger So Sue me. No smell, develops in 4 hours

20m €25.00 Book now

Bellaminta dark tan

20m €25.00 Book now

St. Tropez, spray tan

20m €25.00 Book now

St. Tropez dark

20m €25.00 Book now


Cuticle tidy

20m €12.00 Book now

Toe file and paint

30m €15.00 Book now

shellac removal

€10 to have shellac removed. if your getting them reapplied it's free of charge

15m €10.00 Book now

Nail repair

10m €2.00 Book now

Shellac hands

Please state if you need previous shellac removed as extra time is needed.

40m €25.00 Book now

Shellac toes

40m €25.00 Book now

File and paint

30m €15.00 Book now

File and paint on toes

30m €15.00 Book now

Paraffin Mani

Warm paraffin wax manicure, locks in moisture. Great for dry hands, arthritis, and brittle nails. Inc. cuticle tidy, nail shape, hand massage. (upgrade to a Polish/shellac for €5 extra,)

45m €22.00 Book now

French Polish

White tip nail Polish.

30m €18.00 Book now

Callus peel

This is a treatment penetrates the epidermal layer of the skin on the feet to allow hardened skin to just peel off. Stand alone treatment €25, add full pedi €45. top up with shellac or polish for an extra €10.

30m €25.00 Book now

Callus peel with full pedi

See description on "callus peel"

50m €45.00 Book now

Callus peel/ full Pedi inc/ shellac or polish

See "callus peel" for full description

1h €55.00 Book now

Mini Pedicure

Mini Pedicure, consists of a foot soak in warm bubbles, cuticle tidy, file and foot exfoliation.

30m €35.00 Book now

Deluxe Pedicure

1h €45.00 Book now
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Eye treatments

Eyebrow wax

10m €10.00 Book now

Eyebrow thread

15m €12.00 Book now

Eye brow tint

10m €9.00 Book now

Eye lash tint

30m €15.00 Book now

L.V.L lashes

L.V.L lashes, are your own natural lashes, permed. It adds lift, volume, and length. They last between 6-8 weeks. (complimentary eyelash tint Inc.)

1h €50.00 Book now

HD brows

7 steps to create a perfect brow. Tinting, threading, waxing, measuring, etc. A brow created only for your face shape.

30m €25.00 Book now

Eye combo

Eye lash tint, brow tint and shape.

30m €30.00 Book now
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Ingrown hair removal

15m €10.00 Book now

Lip wax

10m €10.00 Book now

Lip/chin wax

15m €14.00 Book now

Chin wax

10m €10.00 Book now

Under Arm wax

15m €15.00 Book now

Lip/chin/sides of face wax

30m €18.00 Book now

half a leg wax

30m €20.00 Book now

Full leg wax

45m €30.00 Book now

Full leg wax/Bikini Reg

50m €38.00 Book now

Bikini wax

15m €15.00 Book now

Cali wax (higher bikini)

15m €18.00 Book now

Brazilian wax (strip)

35m €40.00 Book now

Brazilian wax (sq on top)

40m €45.00 Book now

Hollywood (Bare)

45m €50.00 Book now

Arm wax

20m €20.00 Book now

Chest (mens waxing)

30m €20.00 Book now

Back (mens waxing)

40m €30.00 Book now

Lycotec hot wax, half a leg

Hot wax. no strips needed.

30m €28.00 Book now

Lycotec hot wax full leg

50m €40.00 Book now

Lycotec hot wax full leg Inc bikini

Hot wax applied for larger areas, such as legs/back/arms. great for ingrown hairs, kinder on the skin.

55m €46.00 Book now
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Lip threading

10m €10.00 Book now

Chin thread

10m €10.00 Book now

Lip/chin thread

20m €18.00 Book now

Lip/chin/sides thread

25m €20.00 Book now

Epilar hair removal

Lip wax/thread Inc Epilar hair removal serum

A professional hair removal serum applied just after hair removal. kills the cells that helps hair growth. excellent to get rid of that unwanted hair.

10m €15.00 Book now

Bikini Wax

15m €20.00 Book now

Brazilian wax Inc Epilar hair removal

30m €50.00 Book now

Lip/chin wax

15m €19.00 Book now

Hollywood wax Inc Epilar

45m €55.00 Book now

Half leg wax Inc Epilar hair removal

20m €25.00 Book now

Under wax Inc Epilar hair removal

15m €20.00 Book now

Full leg wax Inc Epilar hair removal

45m €35.00 Book now

Lip/chin thread Inc Epilar

30m €23.00 Book now
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Make up

Make up

1h €30.00 Book now

Make up Inc strip/cluster lashes

1h €35.00 Book now

Make up with Prosecco

1h €40.00 Book now

Bridal make up trial.

1h 30m €55.00 Book now


Foot massage

20m €25.00 Book now

Back massage

30m €30.00 Book now

Full body deluxe massage

1h €60.00 Book now

Indian head massage

20m €25.00 Book now


Scar Healing

Scar Healing is great for physical and emotional scaring.

30m €30.00 Book now

Reflexo- therapy

Reflexo-therapy, is like having 6 reflexology treatments in one. Very profound and powerful. Great for acute pain, (immediate results). chronic pain, takes longer. Powerful treatment.

50m €50.00 Book now


Reflexology is a method of healing. The feet are a map of the body, when energy gets blocked within our bodies, it causes pain. Reflexology releases that pain. very powerful.

40m €40.00 Book now

Hopi ear candle therapy

Hopi ear candle therapy, has a host of health benefits from relieving sinusitis, throat infections, over production of ear wax that may cause deafness etc. This is an hour long treatment that includes Indian head massage, facial lymph drainage and reflexology pressure points. A lovely treatment that treats the whole body.

1h €50.00 Book now

Emotional freedom techniques

Emotional freedom techniques, help you over come any fears, phobias, anxieties etc you may have. €60 for the first treatment and €40 there after.

1h €40.00 Book now

Voya skin care

SOS mini facial.

Don't have time for a facial but yet your skin needs an SOS treatment? leave our therapist focus solely on repairing and healing your skin.

45m €50.00 Book now

Voya Discovery Facial

Facial 1 hr, herbal tea, relaxation 15 min. Discovery facial.

1h 15m €69.00 Book now

Voya anti-aging facial

Relax and unwind with our anti aging voya facial. awaken all senses with this facial. incudes opening touch, cleanse/tone/exfoliator/seaweed mask/massage/scalp massage/hand arm massage/closing touch. Finish it all off with our Voya herbal tea. Salons favorite!

1h 20m €75.00 Book now

Voya Deluxe facial

Our top of the range facial. includes all of the above in our anti aging facial with extra treats that includes a 20 min back massage

1h 30m €80.00 Book now


Voya seaweed bath.

Submerge your body into a bath of organic hand harvested Atlantic seaweed to remove unwanted toxins and alleviate aches and pains. This bathing ritual is the simplest and purest of all organic treatments. With the organic status approved by the IOFGA, this bath deeply moisturise the skin, increase circulation and promote healing. The renowned "sailors cure".

45m €35.00 Book now

Voya organic warmed spiced mud bath

Peat baths were traditionally used for a variety of skin and rheumatic conditions.It offers a potent detoxification due it's trace elements vitamins, lipids etc. Infused with organic seaweed extracts, it assists in reducing the appearance of cellulite and combats the signs of ageing. The dark deep relaxing bath can also soothe muscular aches and pains,relieve stress and fatigue and energise mind and soul.

45m €30.00 Book now

Voya organic sugar body glow (exfoliation)

This organic Sugar Glow is a melody of ingredients, organic seaweed, natural sugar and essential oils. This full body exfoliation begins by invigorating, exfoliation and nourishing the skin leaving it all shiny and buffed. Followed by drenching the skin in luxurious seaweed body lotion with our signature Voya scent.

1h €65.00 Book now

Warm spiced muslin bag massage

A real sensory treat, warm steamed bags of orange, clove, ginger and Fucus Serratus seaweed are gently massaged into the body releasing precious seaweed oils. Your VOYA Therapist will use a combination of the finest organic ingredients and seaweed to massage your body, to gently exfoliate and nourish your skin.

1h 30m €80.00 Book now

voya seaweed body wrap.

1h €80.00 Book now

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  1. Razan E.

    Emma is lovely as always ! Brows on fleek ! Couldn’t be happier

  2. nœlle d.

    very calming and comfortable, really enjoyed the experience and looking forward to my next appointment. thank you so much xx

  3. Emma O.

    A pleasure as always. Love the catch ups. Feels like you're popping in to see a friend x

  4. Aisling W.

    As always calming, comfortable ,professional, friendly, clean and all of the girls always go over and above to help. I love going to The Ivy. Reflexotherapy is a personal favourite. Thank you all so much 💕

  5. Georgina P.

    Glenda did my makeup for a wedding, it was absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I wanted. It didn’t budge for the day! Also the salon is beautiful. Thanks

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