Dave Reyes Cutz
Dave Reyes Cutz
Dave Reyes Cutz
Dave Reyes Cutz
Dave Reyes Cutz
Dave Reyes Cutz
Dave Reyes Cutz
Dave Reyes Cutz

Dave Reyes is a young, reliable, efficient barber out of Essex County New Jersey. With 10+ years of barbershop experience and outstanding customer service skills he has taken his gift for barbering to another level and continues to excel. Dave is very well spoken of and respected around the Oranges as well as neighboring communities. He is dedicated and passionate about his craft, always on time and always equipped with up to date tools and products. He is also a Bilingual barber |🇩🇴| and is kid friendly. Preferable payment: Cash or Cash App.

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Other services

Men’s Haircut / Men’s Haircut + Beard

Haircut + Beard This service is for any haircut. If you would like your Beard don’t (trim and/or line up) it’s an additional 5$ (30$)

45m $30.00 Book now
40m $25.00 Book now

Men’s Haircut + Clean Shave

This service includes any haircut style + straight razor shave

45m $30.00 Book now

Men’s Hair Cut w/ Facial Massage + HotTowel

Service includes full haircut + exfoliating facial massage + Peppermint infused hot towel treatment

50m $40.00 Book now

⭐️ Dave’s Exclusive Package

Daves Exclusive Package: Includes full service haircut + eye brows + exfoliating facial massage + Peppermint infused hot towel treatment + Dead Sea Mud Mask (OR) charcoal black mask blackhead removal + Shampoo

1h 15m $60.00 Book now

Haircut w/ Design

Price varies on how detailed the design is.

45m $30.00+ Book now


Includes Clipper Trim baldy ONLY and/or Electric Shave baldy ONLY

25m $20.00 Book now

3 Step Baldy w/ Beard

Service includes Clipper Trim + Electric Shave + Straight Edge Shave + beard trim + Peppermint infused Hot towel Treatment on head & face

40m $30.00 Book now

Beard w/ The Works

This service includes: Beard Line Up + Beard Oil and Conditioning + shaping and split end clipping + Peppermint infused Hot Towel Treatment + After Shave Finish

30m $20.00 Book now

Kids Cut

40m $15.00 Book now

Toddler Cut

Price varies depending on lack of cooperation and time.

30m $15.00+ Book now

Shape Up/ Line Up

15m $15.00 Book now


5m $7.00 Book now

After Hour Cut

Any client who walks in after 8:30pm and would like a haircut the prices inflates to 50.00$

1h $50.00+ Book now

House Call

Enjoy a full service haircut at the comfort of your home. House calls begin at 75$ and varies upon traveling distance to client.

1h $75.00+ Book now

Therapeutic Treatments


10m $5.00 Book now

♨️ Classic Hot Towel Shave ♨️

Peppermint infused hot towel treatment + smooth straight edge razor shave + refreshing aftershave finish.

20m $15.00 Book now

🌚 Black Mask Facial (charcoal)

Peppermint infused hot towel treatment + Charcoal black mask pore cleanse *Activated charcoal draws bacteria, toxins, dirt and oil from the skin. My peel off mask also works as an excellent exfoliator, ridding the skin of dead cells. The end result is skin that is clean and clear. Say goodbye to blackheads and say goodbye to oil secretion!

25m $25.00 Book now

👑 Daves Royal Shave

Dave’s Royal Shave is great before Game night with the guys, or Date night with the wife. This service is Therapeutic, super relaxing, and a great gift for yourself, family member or colleague. Treat Yourself to Dave’s Royal Shave and you won’t regret it. Service Includes Facial Massage w/ Pre-Shave face scrub + (2) Peppermint infused Hot Towel Treatment + Straight Edge Shave (with and against the grain) + Cold Towel Compress + Dead Sea Mud Mask + AfterShave Lotion & Liquid + Clubman Powder Finish

40m $50.00 Book now

Dead Sea Mud Mask

*PROFESSIONAL SPA FORMULA: Highest Quality Dead Sea Mud. Natural with Shea Butter + Aloe Vera + Jojoba Oil for face, body, women, and men. *EXFOLIATE, DEEP CLEANSE & DETOXIFY: Aria Starr Beauty's Dead Sea Mud Mask extracts toxins and impurities located deep in the skin layers, absorbs excess oils, and removes dead skin cells, dirt and toxins to reveal fresh, soft, clear looking skin with clean pores, even skin tone, and refined skin texture. *GET RID OF BLACKHEADS & ACNE: Contains natural minerals like magnesium, calcium, sulphur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium, which are known to treat, detoxify, and cleanse the skin. *MOISTURIZER & STIMULATES CIRCULATION: Delivers a significant amount of moisure to your dry or sensitive skin. Also, dramatically increases the blood flow to your skin cells helping to achieve healthier and tighter looking skin for anti aging and anti wrinkle.

20m $25.00 Book now

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  1. Charles avatar

    Charles p.

    I genuinely recommend Dave to anyone who like me is in search for that rare combination of a clean cut that comes from a barber who not only is experienced, but takes the time to understand what it is that you're explaining as he progresses. I am someone who is very particular with my haircut, and because of this it usually takes me awhile to find a barber i genuinely like, but after the first cut (today being my 2nd) i was convinced he was the real deal & i can proudly say i will be returning to him.

    Dave Reyes Cutz 08/25/2019

    Thanks Charles im glad i could be of service to you

  2. Travis avatar

    Travis C.

    Very professional, and delivers the cut you ask for every time and then some

  3. Daymond avatar

    Daymond M.

    Top notch service. You feel valued as a customer. Great conversations

  4. John avatar

    John T.

    Great cut

  5. Julyien avatar

    Julyien S.

    Always good when you go with dave!

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