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Wax Services

Bikini Wax

15m $35.00 Book now

Brazilian Wax

Complete removal of pubic hair from the vagina including butt strip using hard wax

20m $50.00 Book now

Brazilian Front Only

Complete removal of pubic hair from vagina, no butt strip

15m $40.00 Book now

Bring a Friend Brazilian Wax

Save $15 when you bring a friend. That’s only $35 a piece enjoy now as the price will increase in the new year!

40m $70.00 Book now

Brazilian/Underarm Wax Bundle

Save $10 when you bundle! Complete removal of hair from armpits, vagina, and butt strip

30m $60.00 Book now

Butt Cheek Wax

20m $50.00 Book now

Butt Strip Only Wax

Removal of pubic hair in butt crack area only

20m $25.00 Book now

Happy Trail Wax

Removal of belly hair located between the belly button and top of pubic mound

10m $12.00 Book now

Underarm Wax

Complete removal of armpit hair

20m $20.00 Book now

Whole Leg Wax

1h $60.00 Book now

Half Leg Wax

30m $30.00 Book now

Full Arm Wax

20m $40.00 Book now

Half Arm Wax

20m $20.00 Book now

Lip Wax

10m $8.00 Book now

Side Burn Wax

10m $10.00 Book now

Nose Wax

Complete removal of hair from the nostrils

15m $10.00 Book now

Chin Wax

Complete removal of hair from neck and chin

10m $12.00 Book now

Body Contouring

Cellulite Treatment

30m $60.00 Book now

Laser Lipo Butt Enhancement Package

Receive laser lipo and vacuum therapy at the same time to decrease your waist line and increase your butt volume

45m $135.00 Book now

Ultrasonic Cavitation

ultrasonic cavitation is a weight-loss treatment that uses low-frequency sound waves to burst fat cells, which may result in lost inches on the treated areas and (ultimately) a slimmer figure.

30m $70.00 Book now

Laser Lipo

Laser lipo, also known as laser liposuction, is an FDA-approved non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic treatment that is an alternative to traditional liposuction. The procedure targets body fat through the application of a controlled laser to damage and shrink fat cells.

30m $80.00 Book now

Butt Enhancement

Noninvasive plump and lift of the fat located in the buttock using vacuum therapy. 3-6 services recommended for maximum results and works best when done along with exercises that work the gluteal muscles.

45m $65.00 Book now


Individual Lashes

Cluster lashes applied to lash line for a thicker longer look, last up to 2 weeks with proper care

15m $20.00 Book now

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Reviews (24)

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  1. Amber avatar

    Amber W.

    Awesome work. I will definitely be going back!

  2. LaTesha avatar

    LaTesha R.

    Every visit is a great experience from start to finish. Brooke makes u feel so comfortable and is very skilled at her job

  3. Tameshia avatar

    Tameshia S.

    Brooke does an amazing Brazilian wax. I would definitely recommend her. I have sensitive skin and I haven’t had any irritations.

  4. India avatar

    India J.

    Made you feel comfortable and did an awesome job!! Great convo as well

  5. Monica avatar

    Monica E.

    I highly recommend everyone this is my favorite place to get waxed , laser lipo plus butt enhanced

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