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6209 E. Hillsborough Ave, 8, Tampa, 33610
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6209 E. Hillsborough Ave, 8, Tampa, 33610
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    • Knotless Braids

      DISCLAIMER ‼️ Hair must be at least 4” long otherwise client will have to take a chance of braids slipping ou...
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    • Cleanse & Blowdry

      Service includes cleansing, conditioning treatment, blow-dry, and trim $50
    • Faux locs

      (Difference between Faux locs are with out the curl on the end & Goddess locs are with curly hair on the end) ...
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  • Free Hair loss Consultation

    • Hair loss consultation

      Are you suffering from hair loss? Book a consultation to see which treatment will provide the best results for...
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  • Cleansing & Treating 💎

  • Everything Knotless && Twist 🖤

  • Sew ins

  • Children services are for ages 8 & under!

  • Loc Extensions 🖤

  • Loc Love ❤️

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  • natural clients ONLY! (DRY SEASON HAIR!)

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  • Luxury services 💎💎

  • TheNekaNechelleCollection❤️ DC/KC/KS HAir

  • TheNekaNechelleCollection❤️STRt/BW/DW hair

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Brittany B…

Jul 26, 2020
Neka was wonderful, very professional and you can tell she loves what she do. My favorite was the steaming scalp stimulation...Loved it!!

Sionna A…

Sep 17, 2019
Absolutely amazing

Nicole K…

Sep 1, 2019
Great job!

Kayla C…

Aug 26, 2019
Love my knotless braids! Neka did a great job and delivered what I wanted! Will return!!

Yolanda W…

Aug 20, 2019
I didn’t get what I asked for which was just a blowout and flat iron. Told me that she wouldn’t flat iron my hair bc it would damage my hair more bc I’m natural. So I paid $53 for her to wash my hair and put some oils and put it in two braids. It’...

Davina J…

Aug 11, 2019
Love my daughter hair for back to school, even though she tenderheaded , we made it though with a beautiful style.

Fifi P…

Aug 3, 2019
Loved the experience. She was very helpful; however, I would never get the braidless style again. It didn’t last even a day in my daughter hair. Felt like money wasted. I was suppose to get 12 weft; however, it was only 8 installed. I was disappoi...
Replied: Aug 7, 2019
Good morning FiFi, I want to apologize again that her hair didn’t last all but one day and I also noticed that you said that I only sewed in 8 wefts, but I just wanted to let you know that I sewed wefts together so you should have had more than 8 wefts in her hair bc I doubled most of them. But I’m terribly sorry that you feel as if you wasted your money. That style is a wonderful hairstyle to experience when you get hair that matches your texture. Her hair is extremely curly and beautiful and I would suggest wearing it straight when the air is more dry and cool like during the Fall and Winter season, and even if she was to have a Braidless sewin in with her hair texture the blowout would last up to two weeks and the sew in last for months.

Suzy A…

Jul 27, 2019
Neka is awesome!

Risee B…

Jul 16, 2019

Diamond B…

Jul 7, 2019
Neeka was amazing I did the $55 treatment the shampoo hot oil treatment trim and flat iron. This is not my first time coming to her I came to her in May because I had never had a blow out before in my life and trusted her with my hair and she did ...

Kee K…

Jul 2, 2019
I had a great experience. Neka was very professional and gave me plenty of pointers on how to care for my natural hair. I definitely recommend her

Lisa S…

Jun 30, 2019
My stylist was Neka. She took care of my hair, body and soul. My hair was steamed treated, trimmed and twisted. She fed me and the ambiance and conversation was insightful. Neka was very professional and knowledgeable about natural hair care. I lo...
Replied: Jun 30, 2019
Thank you so much for your positive feedback ❤️

Kim G…

Jun 24, 2019
I am new to Tampa and was having a hard time finding a stylist that specializes in multiple areas. Everyone wanted me to come already washed, blow dried, and pressed! But Neka thought it was important to receive all those services in order to make...
Replied: Jun 24, 2019
Best birthday gift today! Thank you so much!!

Nathan C…

Jun 10, 2019

Bianca M…

Jun 4, 2019
Great service. Even better hairstyles

Alexa N…

Jun 2, 2019
Had a wonderful experience with Neka!! She is truly knowledgeable and professional when in comes to her clients. I will definitely be returning
Replied: Jun 2, 2019
Tha k you so much for your feedback ❤️

Felicia C…

Jun 1, 2019
My experience was reminiscent of the days when beauticians cared about the clients hair. Extremely professional and courteous.
Replied: Jun 1, 2019
Thank you so much for the feedback ❤️

Kiara L…

May 28, 2019
Love my daughters hair. Very patient and understands different hair textures
Replied: May 30, 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback ❤️

Vernecia M…

May 25, 2019
Me.Neka Was beyond great! Customer service was awesome and she was very knowledgeable about natural hair which I LOVE !! I will be returning ....
Replied: May 30, 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback ❤️

Ovia S…

May 25, 2019
I think i found a natural hair home. I had Neka today and she was so kind and caring with my hair. She is also very knowledgeable when it comes to natural hair if you are looking for someone with information and advice about YOUR hair this is the ...
Replied: May 30, 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback ❤️
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