Escape Chillicothe

The Chillicothe Jaycees presents, "Escape Chillicothe", in coordination with the Chillicothe & Ross County Public Library! The cost is $20 a person. Groups of 4-6 are recommended. Only one person in your group needs to reserve the room.

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Escape to the 80's

Great Scott! Marty's sports almanac from the future has gone missing! Biff's son stole the almanac and is keeping it somewhere in his room. If you are unable to retrieve the almanac within one hour, history may be forever altered! Go back to the 1980's, find the almanac, and return history back to normal. If you fail to retrieve the almanac, David Hasselhoff will chose to pursue a musical career, coming out with hits such as "True Survivor".

1h $20.00 Book now

Hocus Pocus

Bubble bubble you're in trouble! Do you have what it takes to outsmart the witch and escape her wicked lair before she returns? Find the vudo-doll to remove the curse that was put on your family before she returns.

1h $20.00 Book now

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