Get Nails and Spa
Get Nails and Spa
Get Nails and Spa
Get Nails and Spa
Get Nails and Spa
Get Nails and Spa
Get Nails and Spa
Get Nails and Spa
Get Nails and Spa
Get Nails and Spa

Get Nails and Spa is our relaxing, tranquil space, where we offer services designed to help people fully destress. Some of our customized treatments include the Peppermint Pedicure, the Flare Eyelashes Extension, UV Gel Topcoat, and Signature Nail Shapes. Our talented nail technicians are able to perform creative nail art, and our service list is stocked with a host of traditional treatments, such as gel polish, regular full sets, white tips, fill ins, crystal powder full sets, liquid gel fill ins, and SNS dipping.

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Other services

Eyelashes extension C Fan Natuaral

1h 30m $80.00 Book now


Spa Pedicure

30m $25.00 Book now

Deluxe Pedicure

40m $35.00 Book now

Peppermint Pedicure

50m $45.00 Book now

Silky Milk Pedicure

1h $50.00 Book now


Fullset with Gel Polish

1h $35.00 Book now

Ombree Acrylic Fullset

1h $45.00 Book now

Ombree Acrylic Refill

1h $35.00 Book now

Fill in with Gel Polish

45m $28.00 Book now

Liquid Gel Full Set

50m $45.00 Book now

SNS Dipping With Extention Tips

1h $40.00 Book now

Colors Acrylic Fill In

1h $30.00 Book now

Colors Acrylic Full Set

1h $40.00 Book now

Liquid Gel Fill In

40m $35.00 Book now

Pink & White Fill In

1h $35.00 Book now

Crystal Powder Fill In

30m $20.00 Book now

Crystal Powder Full Set

1h $35.00 Book now

Pink & White Full Set

1h $40.00 Book now

Fill In

45m $15.00 Book now

White Tips

40m $25.00 Book now

Regular Full Set

1h $20.00 Book now

SNS Dipping Overlay

1h $35.00 Book now


Regular Manicure

20m $13.00 Book now

Gel Manicure

40m $25.00 Book now


Spa Pedi & Reg Mani

1h 15m $35.00 Book now

Spa Pedi & Gel Mani

1h $48.00 Book now



30m $10.00 Book now


30m $20.00 Book now

Pedi & Mani

1h $28.00 Book now



15m $8.00 Book now


10m $5.00 Book now


10m $7.00 Book now


15m $10.00 Book now

Full Face

30m $30.00+ Book now

Full Legs

50m $50.00 Book now

Half Legs

30m $30.00 Book now

Full Arms

30m $30.00 Book now

Half Arms

20m $20.00 Book now

Under Arms

20m $15.00+ Book now


1h $50.00+ Book now


30m $25.00+ Book now

Chest/ Back

30m $30.00+ Book now


Polish Change (Finger Nails)

15m $10.00 Book now

Polish Change (Toe Nails)

15m $12.00 Book now

Gel Polish Change

20m $20.00 Book now

Gel Polish Add-on

20m $15.00 Book now

Nail Repair

15m $3.00+ Book now

Nail Art

15m $3.00+ Book now

Acrylic Nails Removal

15m $10.00 Book now

Signature Nail Shapes

10m $5.00 Book now

UV Gel Topcoat

10m $5.00 Book now


Flare Eyelashes Extension ( Cluster)

30m $30.00 Book now

Mink Eyelashes Extension- Classic

2h $120.00 Book now

Touch Up ( Classic_ Hybrid)

1h $60.00 Book now

Mink Eyelashes Extension- Hybrid

2h $120.00 Book now

Eyelashes Extension - Volume

2h 30m $140.00 Book now

Touch Up ( Volume)

30m $80.00 Book now

Eyelashes Extension ( Strip)

15m $15.00 Book now


50m $50.00+ Book now

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  1. alejandra avatar

    alejandra n.

    been coming here for awhile now. they always do an amazing job and the prizes are just right. staff is always welcoming and the salon is clean. ❤️

  2. Stephanie avatar

    Stephanie C.

    Vanessa is the best ! I highly recommend everyone to her. The place is super clean and their customer service is amazing. Very nice people =) Thank you Get Nails and Spa!

  3. MARISOL avatar


    It was my first time at this salon, and let me say it won't be my last. In fact, we are stuck forever 😍. Khan did an amazing job on my Kat Eyes nails and toes. He was very gentle with my toes and the massage was so great. Thank you so much Khan. See you soon for my next appointment.

  4. Kathy avatar

    Kathy T.

    I cannot praise Vanessa enough!!! She always does such amazing, high-quality work and I get compliments everywhere I go. Thanks Vanessa!!

  5. liz avatar

    liz p.

    They are amazing. Always goes above and beyond. Been coming here for years. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

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