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Carlos at Blendz
2334 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, 60647
112 reviews
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Carlos at Blendz

2334 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, 60647
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      Kids haircut $20

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    • Mens haircut

    • Kids haircut

      Kids haircut $20
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0 reviews

Ronnie G…

Sep 8, 2020
Always a great experience with Carlos. Always good for a laugh too

Albert R…

Sep 6, 2020
Great barber!!! Did my son first haircut 10/10.

Bryan E…

Sep 4, 2020
Carlos is the man! Great cut and good conversation. Definitely recommend him, I’ll be back!

Jrh P…

Sep 3, 2020
Carlos is right up there in terms of his skill, understanding and approach. I cannot recommend him high enough. Always punctual, always clean and ready for a laugh and chat. I've followed him from other shops because he is that good.

Axel R…

Aug 29, 2020
Carlos is the best barber in logan in my humble opinion. The shop has a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Jesse V…

Aug 22, 2020
Very professional and great attention to detail.

Mike A…

Aug 19, 2020
Great fade cut and always on time

Francisco T…

Aug 14, 2020
Let me just say that Carlos the barber who was tending me today did a great job he was patient understanding and gave good advice on what I was dealing with and still dealing with at the moment shout out to my boy Carlos if you want a good haircu...

Stephen H…

Aug 12, 2020
Good cut, good atmosphere in the shop, and good conversation. Can’t ask for much more.

Austin J…

Jul 19, 2020

thomas m…

Jul 10, 2020
Excellent hair cut! Carlos does his job very well and is friendly and professional!

Phillip W…

Jun 24, 2020
Perfect service with great attention to detail. I will definitely be going back from now on.

Julian C…

Jun 19, 2020
Whether its a lining or full haircut, always great service

Adam L…

Jun 15, 2020
The Best!

Jose F…

Jun 6, 2020
Great cut! Homies hands are smooth. Fade perfectly blended.

Daniel M…

May 15, 2020
Exceeded standards

Joao B…

May 9, 2020
Excellent service.

Anthony M…

May 8, 2020
Very pleased. Would definitely recommend

Wilfredo F…

Mar 20, 2020
Excellent professionalism and all around great work.

Niko R…

Feb 28, 2020
Very thorough. I Always leave satisfied with a fresh clean cut. Thank you sir. Keep up the amazing work. Truly one of the best, if not the best barber in Chicago. Great team as well.
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