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Women’s hair cut

1h $75.00 Book now

Men’s hair cuts

1h $50.00 Book now

Kids Cut (12 & UNDER)

1h $30.00 Book now

Bang/ Beard Trim

15m $20.00 Book now

Global bleach 1st session w/ advanced stylist

This service is an all over bleach out from scalp to ends! It takes 8 hours to complete! Normally on the first session you do not get the desired color you want until the 2nd or 3rd. We specialize in doing mainly global bleach over other techniques because if your hair is naturally dark/Black this to us at raw studios is the most efficient way to get you to your desired color with the least amount of damage! Upon your appointment, please know you WILL NOT BE LEAVING THE SALON WITH ALL BLEACHED BLONDE HAIR, as we do lift your whole head blonde we normally will end up giving you a shadow root if that’s what you want!, which means were giving you a darker root color! Please know this technique is very versatile in the way we color your hair at the end of the service! If you have dark hair and want to go lighter please know that it is a process. Our team can get you there in 2 sessions generally, and the 3rd is a perfecting session! Please think of this 1st session as a transition color into your desired color. If you have BOXED DYED your hair, please know that we can take you BUT, the process to get you to the desired color will be longer. ALSO THERE ARE NO PROMISES THAT WE CAN GET YOU TO YOUR DESIRED COLOR IF YOU HAVE BLACK BOXED DYED YOUR HAIR BLACK!!! You also much be WILLING TO CUT YOUR hair! please do keep this in mind when scheduling! If you did box dye your hair and want an in person consultation please select that service! When you come on your 1st session with raw studios we will give you three options your hair will fall under when lifting your hair with bleach: ABOVE AVERAGE: this means, if your hair lifted amazing, there are no signs of banding and your canvas is clean you’ll be able to get your color AVERAGE: this means it lifted decent, you have banding but it’s manageable then We’ll be coloring your hair a warmer blonde,pink champagne blonde, an ash brown ,or pink! You can decide! We color it on the warmer side instead of Ashy side because your hair will turn green and most people do not like that. This is also to ensure your hair fades beautifully until your 2nd session In 6 weeks! BELOW AVERAGE: this means your hair did NOT LIFT WELL, it’s stained, banding is very prominent and very visible! If you are in this category, the only option we have is to color you a dark brown until your 2nd session 6 weeks from your 1st. PLEASE ALSO BE AWARE OF (380+) for PRICING! It means that it STARTS AT 380, not that your whole session is 380! Please DO NOT GET THIS CONFUSED! RANGES BY LENGTH! SHORT HAIR: 380-400 MEDIUM HAIR: 450-600 LONG HAIR: 480-800 With all of this information I hope it gives you comfort in booking your very first session with us here at RAW STUDIOS! Please know everything is a process and we’re happy to be along the journey with you to help reach your hair goals!

8h $380.00+ Book now

Global bleach 2nd session W/ Advanced stylist

For returning clients who want to go lighter!

8h $300.00+ Book now

Global bleach 3rd session w/ Advanced stylist

5h 30m $280.00+ Book now

Tape in extensions CONSULTATION

35m free Book now

Full set of tape in’s + color match + blending

5h 30m $700.00+ Book now

Tape in extensions re- install

3h 30m $280.00+ Book now

5-7 week bleach root touch up

This service is for returning clients that are maintaining their blondes, natural ash/Browns, Metallics, Vivids, and in general fun colors! This is mainly for our global bleach clients! If you’re a new Client with more then an inch in a half out growth please do not select this service! It does not apply to you. Please select global bleach first session! Clients that have passed the 5-7 week mark of getting your root touch ups, you know who you are! Please click 8-10 weeks! Thank you

3h 30m $240.00 Book now

8-10 week bleach root touch up

This service is for clients who’ve missed the 5-7 root touch up mark and have been overdue for a root touch up! If your roots are 2 inches long and start curving to the shape of your head- please select this service! For new Clients this does not apply to you please select global bleach first session.

5h 30m $280.00+ Book now

Full Color/ Color Refresh/ Toner

For this service there is not bleaching involved. We are simply toning your hair to refresh your color!

2h 30m $180.00 Book now

Demi- Permanent B3 treatment!

This is a deep conditioning treatment that lasts up to 13 washes!

1h 30m $80.00 Book now

Blow out + hydrating keratin treatment

1h 40m $70.00 Book now

Men’s global bleach 1st session

7h 30m $280.00+ Book now

Mens global bleach 2nd session

5h 30m $250.00+ Book now

Men’s bleach root touch up

6h 30m $200.00 Book now


When getting a balayage please know that your hair will hold a lot of warmth and dimension! A sun kissed look! This is if you want a more natural look! It will take a few sessions to become blonde. Your first session you’ll most likely be a pretty brown. Every client is different. After a few sessions you’ll eventually achieve a blonde on the ends but the dimensions we’ve created will defiantly be present!

5h $350.00+ Book now

Baby Lights

This is a standard full head of high lights!

5h 30m $350.00+ Book now

Full Highlight

5h $250.00 Book now

Partial Highlight

4h $150.00 Book now

Grey Touch Up

1h 30m $90.00 Book now

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  1. Amanda avatar

    Amanda L.

    Makay is literally my favorite human being. I have a very dry scalp and my skin is super sensitive all around. Makay is super sweet and she definitely comes up with the most creative solutions so I can have a great experience. I always leave Raw Studio super happy with my results!

  2. Amirissa avatar

    Amirissa M.

    Whether I’m going in for a cut or for color, she always leaves me in love with my hair. She’s great at talking through what you’re looking for and making recommendations for what would best suit your face and coloring based on what you’re looking for. She’s been my stylist for over 5 years, and I’ve never been disappointed.

  3. Nick avatar

    Nick T.

    Makaila always does a fantastic job with my cuts and color. She takes time to listen to what I want and provides feedback so we can work from there. On top of that, her sense of commitment to my style is unparalleled.

  4. Aj avatar

    Aj R.

    Makay aaalllways throws it down in the salon! In 5 years I've never had a bad cut.

    @MakaysGallery 05/26/2019

    😭 tHaNk YoU

  5. Victoria avatar

    Victoria K.

    Always enjoy my hair cuts with Makay! You have to go to her!

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