Magic Hands by A.Janea, LLC

I'm a independent contracting cosmetologist put on this earth to make people happy and loving the skin they are in. I do natural hair catering, extensions, weddings and special occasions updos, aesthetics, & all sorts of color techniques. Being Aveda trained, I mostly use plant/fruit based products. It is a joy to take clients on their best hair journey safely and with prosperity. Come enjoy an experience !

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Kids Braids

*12 and under* braiding on the scalp. Price will vary on hair length& design.

1h 30m $25.00+

Goddess/Bohemian Braids

4h 30m $110.00+

Knotless Braids

4h 30m $125.00+

Tribal Braids

5h $110.00+


Kids Braids

*12 and under* braiding on the scalp. Price will vary on hair length& design.

1h 30m $25.00+ Book now

Basic Feeders

1h 15m $30.00+ Book now

Design Feeders

2h $50.00+ Book now

HD Feeders

2h 30m $55.00+ Book now

Braid Updo

2h $60.00 Book now

Box Braids

Have picture ready upon consultation. Have hair washed and ready. Box braids are a great protective Style can be worn up to 2 months.

3h 30m $65.00+ Book now

Feeder Updo

2h 30m $80.00+ Book now


3h 30m $85.00+ Book now

Goddess/Bohemian Braids

4h 30m $110.00+ Book now

Knotless Braids

4h 30m $125.00+ Book now

Tribal Braids

5h $110.00+ Book now


Flat Iron Only

Need hair straightened?

30m $30.00 Book now


1h $45.00 Book now

Marcel Curls

2h $35.00 Book now

Roller Set

Any roller.

2h 30m $50.00 Book now



30m $20.00 Book now


Need your bundles colored? This is for toning and permant color only. See Lift Bundles option if you need hair bleached. Have pictures of desired look. Allow 1 day turn around.

1h $30.00 Book now

Lift Bundles

Need your bundles lifted? Have pictures of desired look. Allow 1 day turn around.

1h 30m $50.00 Book now

Color Retouch

Bye Roots! This service eliminates grays or unwanted natural color. Base to midshaft to maintain desired color.

1h 15m $55.00+ Book now

All Over Color

From base to ends, permanent color is applied.

2h $90.00 Book now

Partial Highlight

A subtle version of Full Foil option. Have inspiration picture ready.

2h $90.00 Book now


Looking for a brand new look? Have picture ready upon consultation. Hair is lifted to required level & toner is applied. Tones last up to 15 washes but vary.

2h 30m $110.00 Book now

Full Foil

Head full of highlights! Say Dimension 3 times fast!

2h 45m $150.00 Book now

Lift & Color

Same as Lift& Tone just with Permanent color. Last more than 20 washes.

2h 30m $130.00 Book now


It's a bob haircut and a balayage color technique. Research pictures how much dimension would like in your new haircut and new color.

2h 30m $130.00+ Book now


Craving dimension? Yea, me too. A ba·Lay·age is a technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

3h 30m $150.00+ Book now

Pintura Balayage

A coloring technique made for the curly haired goddess! Toning is included. Please arrive with natural curls.

3h $160.00+ Book now

Color Correction

This service is dedicated to correcting a color mistake(s). Please provide picture of starting look, outcome and desired look. Give detailed story of what went wrong and what needs to be corrected in consultation. CCs can take days to correct so be aware this no easy fix.

4h $180.00+ Book now


Clip Ins

2 track minimum but not limited to. Clips ins are the "not so committed" way of getting hair extensions. Style not included.

30m $15.00+ Book now

Wig Constructing

1h $50.00 Book now

Unit Consultation

Are you interested in getting a wig made? If so booked this appointment and we can talk about it! We will talk about ordering hair, how to put on the wig on a daily basis or getting it installed oh, we will take head measurements to secure the perfect fit.

30m free Book now

Wig Making

Consultation is necessary. Please have pictures upon consultation.

30m $130.00+ Book now

Sleek Pony

Hair is washed, conditioned blown out and straightened and molded into Pony formation. Weaving hair is then glued to create a Chic and clean illusion ponytail.

1h 30m $70.00+ Book now



Trim: dry cut, does not include wash and condition. A trim is a half an inch or less. A inch or more is considered a haircut. Blending: this technique creates a seamless finish. If you feel your hair is too heavy and needs weight removed or you have extensions that need to melt to your real hair this is what you need.

15m $15.00 Book now


Want to spice up your look and keep it a secret?

30m $20.00 Book now

Kiddie Kut

Includes wash, condition and style.

1h $25.00 Book now

Clipper cut

Does not include wash&condition. Includes lineup. Have picture ready!

35m $25.00 Book now

Clipper Cut w/ Design

Same as CC but includes design.

40m $30.00 Book now

Women's Haircut

Have idea or picture ready upon appointment / consultation. This service includes wash, condition and style.

1h 15m $45.00 Book now

Mens Cut

Includes shear work, wash, condition&style.

1h $35.00+ Book now


You will get the works! If you have damaged hair or want a dramatic change a intricate cut plus a conditioning treatment and style is included in this service, you will feel anew💕

2h $70.00 Book now

Special Events

Special Occasion Wash&Style

Includes wash, leaving condition and style for event. This style does not include bobby pins! Please provide picture upon booking an appointment.

2h $55.00 Book now


Individual Lashes

Cluster lashes. $25- regular $30- remix

45m $25.00 Book now

Strip Lash

$10 to apply- lashes not provided. $18- I provide lashes

15m $10.00 Book now


Loc Retwist

Wash& Retwist only.

1h 45m $65.00 Book now

Loc Retwist &Style

Includes wash, retwist & style. Have idea or picture ready!

2h $70.00 Book now

Retwist w/AC Wash

Retwist, apple cider vinegar wash.

1h 30m $75.00 Book now

Retwist&Style w/ACV

Includes ACV wash/soak, Retwist, light condition& style.

2h $85.00 Book now


If some of your locs are in the beginning stage (0-6months) &they seem to be acting indifferent, unraveling or otherwise; you may need a reconstructing. Consultation is needed for this service.

2h $90.00+ Book now

Crochet Locs

4h 30m $110.00+ Book now

Starter Locs

Welcome to LocLand❗Research how you want you locs to look. Have pictures ready to send to me or show at consultation!

5h 30m $120.00 Book now

Naturalé Woman

Naturlista Blowout

Wash, condition& light press or wrap.

1h 45m $45.00 Book now

Naturalista Haircut

Includes wash, mini treatment &flat iron style

2h $55.00 Book now

Smooth Operator

Women's Blow Dry

Wash, condition, round brush blowdrying technique.

1h $40.00 Book now

Silk Press

If you are a dedicated naturalista & a relaxer is not an option, this is the service for you! I use an Al Naturale system that makes your hair feel like silk. The ingredients add life to your hair texture,manipulates each hair strand to make it more manageable for you. Over time and regular 8 week visits, you will notice your hair change for the healthier! Service comes with healthy haircut. Intense cut add $30.

2h 30m $80.00 Book now

Silk Wrap

Same as Silk Press just a step further adding body.

2h 45m $85.00 Book now


Twist Out

Wash, condition in twist out Style.

2h $40.00+ Book now


Protective style. This requires requires passion twists braiding hair.

4h $100.00+ Book now


Senegalese twists are protective Style just like box braids but the appearance is more rope like. You will need 100% kanekalon hair.

4h $80.00+ Book now

Sew Ins

Partial Sew

Ear to ear. Achieving length.

2h $90.00 Book now


You know that cute half up/half down style ? Braids at the top and a sewin in the back.

3h 30m $125.00+ Book now

Basic Sew

Recession area. Achieving length and some body.

2h 30m $110.00 Book now

Mini Leave Out Sew

Hairline and parted area are left out to add a natural look. Achieving body and length.

2h 45m $115.00 Book now

No Leave Out Sew

No hair is left out. Achieving body, length, and different look.

2h 45m $120.00 Book now

Vixen 234

This is a versatile sew in method. You are able to wear hair in many diferrent ways. Please have picture of desired look and we can determine what foundation is right fir you❗

3h $125.00 Book now

4×4 Closure

4×4 closure install

3h $130.00 Book now

Frontal Sew

Just like a 4×4 closure, a frontal is the same just a larger lace area. This covers your whole front hairline! Achieving length,body and a complete natural look!

3h $150.00 Book now

Treat Yourself


Wash ,condition and go

30m $20.00 Book now


Wash, deep condition and go.

45m $30.00 Book now

Deep Condition

40m $20.00 Book now


If your service is too complicated for you to remove or you just want to relax, I will take out your style for you don't worry.

30m varies Book now


Eyebrow Waxing

30m $15.00 Book now


30m $40.00 Book now


1h $65.00 Book now


1h $80.00 Book now


45m $50.00 Book now


30m $35.00 Book now
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I can make the magic mobile to you! Just send me your address to 513*394*0446! I calculate mileage & I'm off💕

5m varies Book now

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  1. Rene’ avatar

    Rene’ S.

    Lex is AWESOME 😎 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. You are extremely professional and funny 😆!! I enjoyed my visits and am very pleased with my hair !! Can’t wait for my next appointment !!

    Magic Hands by A.Janea, LLC 10/05/2019

    thanks Ms.Rene❤❤❤❤

  2. Kristen avatar

    Kristen S.

    I love my rope twists!!

  3. Jehan avatar

    Jehan A.

    Always amazing!

  4. Donneice avatar

    Donneice T.

    Overall experience was great and will definitely come back

  5. Eric avatar

    Eric A.

    Best service in town. I had to leave town the next monring and She got me in with last minute notice and did a hell of a job. Great conversation complimented by great attitide and service. I found my new hands at Magic.. thanks Lex.

    Magic Hands by A.Janea, LLC 07/20/2019

    ❤👌💪🔥thank you!!!!

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