Champion kreations

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Weave Take Down

30m $35.00+ Book now

Traditional Sew-In

2h 30m $185.00+ Book now

Lace Closure Install

3h 15m $200.00+ Book now

Lace Closure Illusion Install

3h 30m $220.00+ Book now

Lace Frontal Install

lace frontals must be dropped off 2 days prior appointment to be customized $50 additional fee for Sameday customizing

4h 25m $240.00+ Book now

360 lace install sew in

3h 45m $275.00+ Book now

Full Sew-In W/ bang

3h 15m $185.00+ Book now

Half Up Half Down Sew-In

3h 15m $170.00+ Book now

Half Up Half Down QuickWeave

2h $120.00+ Book now


2h 30m $125.00+ Book now

Weave maintenance

1h $45.00+ Book now

Lace Closure wig Install

1h 30m $65.00+ Book now

Lace Frontal Wig Install

2h 30m $140.00+ Book now

Custom Wig Unit Special

15m $100.00+ Book now

color virgin hair Bundles(per bundle)

5m $40.00+ Book now

Silk Press/ BlowOut

2h $50.00+ Book now

Trim Hair

30m $15.00+ Book now

Kids Braided Style

2h $45.00+ Book now

Kids Braid Style W/ Hair Added

2h 30m $70.00+ Book now

Men’s Braid Style (Top of Head)

1h 30m $45.00+ Book now

Mens Braid Style Full Head

2h $55.00+ Book now

Sleek Ponytail

2h $100.00+ Book now

Sleek Invisible Ponytail

2h 15m $120.00+ Book now

PonyTail/Bun w/ Bang

2h 15m $120.00+ Book now

Flexi Rod Set

1h 15m $60.00+ Book now

Two Strand Twist

2h 15m $60.00+ Book now

Finger Coils

2h $50.00+ Book now

kids Braid Style W/Hair

2h $65.00+ Book now

Small Feed In Braids PonyTail

4h 30m $145.00+ Book now

2 Feed In braids

1h 30m $55.00+ Book now

3-4 Feed In Braid

2h $65.00+ Book now

5-6 Feed In Braids

2h 30m $85.00+ Book now

7-8 Feed In Braids

3h 30m $95.00+ Book now

10-20 Straight Back Feed -In Braids

4h 30m $120.00 Book now

Feed in ponytail 6-8 braids

2h 45m $110.00+ Book now

loc Retwist (no Style)

1h 30m $65.00+ Book now

Loc Retwist w/ Two Strand or plaits

2h 30m $85.00+ Book now

Individual Crochet Faux locs Full Head

faux locs are done using crochet hair 5-7 packs (hair not provided)

2h 30m $185.00+ Book now

Individual crochet faux locs perimeter only

2h $120.00+ Book now

Large faux locs

4h 45m $175.00+ Book now

Color Single Process Full head w Style

2h 30m $85.00+ Book now

Relaxerw/ Style

1h 30m $65.00+ Book now

Flat Iron Only

45m $35.00 Book now

Wand curl Only

1h $50.00+ Book now

Shampoo & Style

1h 45m $45.00+ Book now

jumbo lemonade feed in's

5-8 braids to the side small in between are $5 additional

2h 30m $100.00+ Book now

Marley twist medium

Hair isn't Provided 8 packs of cuban twist. hair is needed. Triangle parts are additional $10

3h 15m $140.00+ Book now

Medium Regular single braids

4h 30m $150.00+ Book now

Small knotless braids (mid back length)

6h 15m $320.00+ Book now

Medium knotless braids (mid back length)

4h 45m $250.00+ Book now

Large Knotless Braids (mid back)

3h 30m $190.00+ Book now

Jumbo faux locs

2h 45m $140.00+ Book now

Medium lemonade Braids

3h 45m $140.00+ Book now

Goddess locs Medium (mid back )

6h 30m $250.00 Book now

Small lemonade braids

5h 30m $160.00+ Book now

Medium goddess lemonade braids

4h 40m $155.00+ Book now

Goddess locs large (mid back)

5h 30m $210.00+ Book now

Goddess Feed in braid Ponytail

3h 30m $130.00+ Book now

Tribal /Fulani Braids 1 layer w/ Singles med

4h 30m $160.00+ Book now

Finger waves

Hair Must Be Relaxed

1h $40.00+ Book now

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Beauty Salon - Champion kreations
Beauty Salon - Champion kreations
Beauty Salon - Champion kreations
Hair Salon, Beauty Salon - Champion kreations
Hair Salon - Champion kreations

Reviews (7)

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  1. Nikalas avatar

    Nikalas A.

    Very professional and it was my first time and i have no complaints i cant wait to go back

  2. Mia avatar

    Mia D.

    Fast and very professional. I get compliments all the time.

  3. Shavon avatar

    Shavon D.

    I love my feed ins braids. Shonelle did a great job!!!! She’s the best!

  4. kasiya avatar

    kasiya s.

    I love my hair!! definitely going back soon

  5. Adaora avatar

    Adaora L.

    Great service !!! Love my braids girl

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