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12480 Turtle Grass Dr, Orlando, 32824
45 reviews
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12480 Turtle Grass Dr, Orlando, 32824



    • Contact me for more information

      Memberships for all lashes, 30 days and 6 months. Good way to save money
      $ 1.00

  • Classes/Training

    • Beginner Eyelash Extensions Training

      $ 550.00
    • Russian and Mega Volume Class

      $ 850.00

  • Lashes

    • Eyelash Lifting

      $ 80.00
    • Classic Eyelash Extensions

      $ 105.00
    • Refill for classics

      2-3 weeks
      $ 50.00
    • Hybrid

      $ 125.00
    • Refill for Hybrid

      2-3 weeks
      $ 65.00
    • Over-time

      This is in case I take longer than expected
      $ 15.00
    • Lash Tint

      $ 15.00
    • Volume Eyelash Extensions (handmade fans)

      $ 150.00
    • Refill for Volume

      2-3 weeks
      $ 80.00
    • Lash Bath

      This is for lashes that are dirty and are not able to work on
      $ 15.00
    • Eyelash Extensions Removal

      $ 20.00

  • Eyebrows

    • Brow Lamination

      $ 85.00
    • TOUCH UP

      $ 100.00+
    • Microblading

      $ 240.00
    • Brow Tint

      Includes wax and shape
      $ 28.00

  • Waxing

    • Waxing-Brow maintenance

      $ 5.00

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45 reviews
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Lynnette C…

May 17, 2020
Very talented young girl and her job doing eyelashes are excellent, but I will give a suggest to Maya, the place since you get in is looks dirty and disorganize even the room that she doing the eyelashes is looks messy , If you want to have succes...
Replied: May 17, 2020
Thank you so much for your advice. It could’ve been better if you told me that in person instead of doing it public with the bad intentions. Also this isn’t the first time you came to my place, so I think it’s very unfair from you. Other people came the same day as you and none of them thought the room was dirty or disorganized, I always take care of it as much as I can.

Phylis B…

May 15, 2020
Booked on line and was able to scheduled an appointment the same day. Absolutely love my lashes. She did an awesome job. If I was local I'd definitely make her my go-to lash person

Helen P…

Mar 15, 2020
Muy bueno!

Erica C…

Feb 29, 2020
Amazing!! Maya was very professional. I love my lashes!!!

Tanisha A…

Feb 8, 2020
Maya did a great job on my eyebrows. I was very comfortable and she was very nice and welcoming. I will definitely be going back.

Mymy C…

Dec 21, 2019
I had an amazing experience with Maria. This was my first time doing a volume set with her and she was so careful and detailed with what I wanted. I highly recommend her to anyone who is very picky about their look. A true professional. Also she ...

Beth H…

Dec 21, 2019
Perfect lashes!

Dwanna H…

Dec 10, 2019
Professional , as a lash stylist myself it’s hard to allow someone else to lash you . I’m very pleased .

Legna V…

Nov 6, 2019
Excellent work!

Maritza L…

Nov 2, 2019
I don't know how she does it with the very few lashes I have, but I always end up with excellent lash extension results. Great work and customer service by a true Lash Pro! Thank you MayaLash!!

Carolina U…

Oct 10, 2019
Beautiful classic set. She took her time and was very thorough. Love the look!

Yennitza M…

Sep 17, 2019
Excelente trabajo ! 😉

Annelle D…

Sep 10, 2019
Lashes looked amazing and last a good amount of time, i loved them!!!

Claudia B…

Sep 2, 2019
Maya fue muy amable y paciente conmigo, gracias por tu trabajo 😉

Estela M…

Sep 2, 2019
Agradable ambiente,atencion y trabajo

Stefanni G…

Aug 26, 2019
Great experience every time. Comfortable environment and professional work. She’s great.

Kimberly J…

Aug 22, 2019
I had a great first experience. She was ready for me at the time of my appointment. During my application, she was super gentle which almost made me fall asleep at one point. I was super relaxed, great music, and timely service. I was very satisfi...

Legna I…

Aug 21, 2019
Excellent service!

Veronica G…

Aug 12, 2019
Maya was great, very friendly and knowledgeable. She did a great job on my lashes. Happy to say I will be returning. Thank you Maya.

Skyy L…

Aug 1, 2019
Excellent service!! Best glam nap I ever took!!
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