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We are a unique salon for all natural textures, specializing in natural hairstyles and protective styles for natural . the number one problem is how to keep moisture. We also have educational workshops for naturals that need more education about how to maintain and about the transformation process.

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silk press

2h $55.00+

silk press

2h $45.00+

Other services

Natural Hair consultation

30m $25.00 Book now

wash and go

2h $35.00+ Book now

wash and shingle & go

3h $45.00+ Book now

two strand twist

3h $65.00+ Book now

comb twist

2h $55.00+ Book now

flexi rod set

3h $65.00+ Book now

perm rod set

3h $65.00+ Book now

silk press

2h $55.00+ Book now

chochet braids

3h $150.00+ Book now

box braids

4h $125.00+ Book now


4h $150.00+ Book now

Children Hair Services


30m $25.00 Book now

Wash and Blow dry

1h $25.00+ Book now

silk press

2h $45.00+ Book now

Wash and go

1h $25.00+ Book now

Rod set

2h $40.00+ Book now

Natural braids

2h $45.00+ Book now

extension braids

3h $65.00+ Book now

braids and rope twist

2h $55.00+ Book now

chochet braids

2h $75.00+ Book now


30m $45.00+ Book now

Wash blow and curl

2h 30m $45.00+ Book now

Hair treatments

Detoxifying scalp treatment

30m $20.00+ Book now

Hot oil treatment

15m $15.00+ Book now

Clarifying hair treatment

30m $20.00+ Book now

Protein treatment

30m $25.00+ Book now

Moisture treatment with steamer

30m $25.00+ Book now

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Reviews (6)

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  1. Denae avatar

    Denae M.

    Hair is growing now while i embrace natural styles

  2. Denae avatar

    Denae M.

    Excellent, love the service and warmth my is finally growing again

  3. ToyToy avatar

    ToyToy M.

    First let me say this is not to to bash the stylist in anyway, I’m just detailing my experience. I dropped my daughter off to Nancy for a simple Silk Press, I’ve had SP so I know a good one, however this was last min due to the fact that the lady I previously booked with had to cancel. Anyway, I went to pick up my daughter and it looked like I took her to the Dominicans when u go for a wash n blow out, not that anything is wrong with that but that’s not what I wanted, on top of that my daughter told me she applied oil sheen before she flat Iron her hair, smfh what stylist doesn’t know u don’t apply oil before applying heat. At this point I’m certain she didn’t even apply a heat protectant lol $65 I should have done this myself. I also had to tell her the fix her edges bcuz they were so curly while the rest of hair was straight. I’m going to have to fix her hair on top of paying $65 and it was for a wedding. Totally not what I was expecting.

    Queens Natural Hair Stylist 06/22/2019

    Hello Ladies, this is Chantèe @hairbychantee. I work next to Nancy and I would like to respond in Nancy’s defense. As far as not wanting to bash her, my dear then you wouldn’t have taken the time to write the review. Nancy is a Natural HAIR CARE SPECIALISTS. The condition of your daughters hair clearly shows that it’s always bone straight due to the extreme heat damage. When you come to a professional cosmetologist we are going to care and protect your hair first. Her ends were dry and very brittle and of course she had split ends in which she received a treatment with “Astae” hair products along with a trim (no more than an inch was removed). The shampoo and treatment was also “Astae” for silk press. The spray that was used wasn’t a sheen, it was also from “Astae” triple threat silkening serum and the heat protectant. The reason her edges were like that is due to them being so short due to heat damage. Nancy didn’t want to damage it any further. On Nancy’s behalf we deeply apologize for any disappointments and inconvenience this situation may have caused. Please contact Nancy so you can come and redo the style if you like.

  4. Tyshawn avatar

    Tyshawn W.


  5. colin avatar

    colin d.

    Literally took my hair out as soon as I left the salon.

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